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CPE Use of English 1 - Multiple Choice

Create question types for the multiple choice vocab section
There was little he could do to calm the rampant _________ of his heart.

A beating; B throbbing; C striking; D pounding
losing out
I spent all my childhood ____________________ to my siblings.

A: Losing in; B: Losing on; C: Losing out; D: Losing over
I was in the ______ of despair before I heard the good news.

A: depths; B: profundities; C: bottoms; D: holes
Despite ____________ appearances, he wasn't as crazy as people thought.

A: inward; B: outward; C: external; D: strange
The tail ______ the dog
A: shakes; B: moves; C: wags; D:swings
The first ____ of the ladder is important in your career.
A: step; B: grade; C: push; D: rung
After hours and hours trying to solve the problem, I was at my _____ end.
A: nerves'; B: wits'; C: humours'; D: tethers'
I've been _________ my brain trying to remember where we've met before.
A: picking B: racking C: using D:blowing
break my balls
Stop _____ my balls and leave me alone
A: bending B: hitting C: breaking D: destroying
daunting prospect
I suspect that the seven section reading paper will be a __________ prospect to some
A: challenging B: worrying C: ennerving D: daunting
I really need some vacations now so that when I come back I can _________ in the operating theatre
A: thrive B: grow C: proliferate D: spread
I was in the ______ of despair before I heard the good news
A: depths B: deeps C: profundities D: bottoms
by leaps and bounds
My English knwledge improved _______ when I went to live to London
A: by steps and jumps B: by hops and skips C: by twists and turns D: by leaps and bounds
The massive launching of DVD players ________ the end of the VHS era.
A: welcomed; B: ushered; C: heralded; D: beckoned
1-embarked 2-launched
As soon as I ____1____ on the ship, it left for La Habana, where Fidel was waiting to kill me with the recently ___2____ rocket.

1/ A:took B:caught C:embarked D:joined
2/ A:sent B:launched C:delivered D:thrown
roaring trade
It would be such a ________ trade if we ended up selling our new products abroad.
A) Fabulous B) Roaring C) Awesome D) Spectacular
His poor excuses cut little ____ with the teacher.
A) cake B) ice C) hair D) figure
She felt the very survival of the species may be at _______.
A) question B) danger C) warning D) stake
Her punky hairstyle showed she was not one for following the ______.
A) flock B) herd C) swarm D) group