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  1. Rhododendron
  2. Formation
  3. Chromidrosis
  4. Million
  5. Leukocyte
  1. a A shrub or small tree with clusters of bell-shaped blooms, Usually characterized by "rosy" flowers
  2. b The secretion of colored sweat
  3. c one thousand thousands
  4. d The structure or arrangement of something
  5. e blood cells that engulf and digest bacteria and fungi

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  1. the action of following in order
  2. An implied comparison not using like or as
  3. Pursuing one's goals and interests forcefully, sometimes inappropriately
  4. a region empty of matter
  5. being the last or concluding part of a series

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  1. Validationproof or support for an argument or feeling


  2. Trophicof or relating to feeding and nutrition.


  3. PodiatristThe structure or arrangement of something


  4. Hemophiliacsuffers from a disease that causes uncontrolled bleeding - someone whose blood does not clot


  5. Pathogenesisthe marked and rapid transformation of a larva into an adult that occurs in some animals