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  1. Podiatrist
  2. Somosensory
  3. Schizocarp
  4. Vacuum
  5. Infradian
  1. a a region empty of matter
  2. b a specialist in care for the feet
  3. c A dry fruit that divides into single-seeded parts when ripe
  4. d (of a cycle) Ocurring less than once a day
  5. e relating to sensation such as pain, warmth or pressure that can be felt anywhere in the body

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  1. The Power of the mind to remember things
  2. the action of following in order
  3. not capable of being moved
  4. Pursuing one's goals and interests forcefully, sometimes inappropriately
  5. The development of a disease

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  1. Dominationproof or support for an argument or feeling


  2. Laboriousa task, process or journey requiring lots of effort and is time consuming


  3. MesozoicMiddle Life


  4. Metamorphosisthe marked and rapid transformation of a larva into an adult that occurs in some animals


  5. ChromidrosisThe secretion of colored sweat