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World War II, Set 4: U.S. become involved in WWII


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List the gradual involvement by the U.S. into WWII?
from Isolationism to the Lend-Lease Act, to entering the war
What event brought the U.S into World War II?
Japan's bombing of Pearl Harbon on December 7, 1941
What battle was the turning point in the Pacific Theater of War?
The Battle of Midway.
What battle was the turning point in the European Theater of War?
The Battle of Stalingrad.
What was D Day?
It was the invasion of Europe by the Allies.
What was the purpose and importance of D Day?
D Day began the liberation of European countries that were occupied by German troops.
Which Axis Power was the last one to surrender ending World War II?
What event mostly caused Japan to surrender?
The U.S. dropping the atomic bomb on Japan.
Which cities did the U.S. drop the Atomic Bomb?
Hiroshima and Nagasaki
What was the United States secret name for building the atomic bomb?
The Manhattan Project