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Cardinal Mazarin

where was Mazarin born and raised?
in Rome
where did Mazarin receive an excellent education?
Jesuit College
where did Mazarin go in 1619?
to Spain to study
when was Mazarin born?
what was Guilio Mazzarini naturalised to?
Jules Mazarin
what sort of background did Mazarin have?
an aristocratic one
what of Mazarin's impressed Richelieu?
his military career
when did Mazarin's military career take off?
after Richelieu wrote to the Pope commending Mazarin for his achievement of peace at Casale in 1630
what did Mazarin do at Casale?
he got the Spanish to hand it over to the French
where was Mazarin a diplomat?
- Rome
- French government
until when was Mazarin a secret double agent, as a papal nuncio and ambassador to France?
what did Mazarin buy for Anne and Richelieu on his rise to power?
jewels and pictures
when did Mazarin arrive at French court?
December 1639
what did Mazarin defend after his arrival to the French court in 1639?
french interest
what was Mazarin's attitude to France?
french xenophobic
in regards to wealth what was Mazarin like?
how many livres had Mazarin amassed at his death?
39 million
what are some personality traits of Mazarin?
- courage
- intelligence
- devious
- ambitious
- charming
- diplomatic
- responsible
- not vindictive or vengeful
what was Mazarin's relationship to Richelieu?
one of mutual respect, R admired M, got him to where he was, M was his protege and part of his patronage network
what are some historians' views of Mazarin?
- important figure
- responsible
- provided border security
- best trained and most competent
- intense opposition
- unattractive greed