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exhibit a joint cavity?

synovial joints

types are sutures and syndesmoses?

fibrous joints

bones connected by collagen fibers?

fibrous joints

types include synchondroses and symphyses?

cartilaginous joints

all are diarthrotic?

synovial joints

many are amphiarthrotic?

cartilaginous joints

bones are connected by a disc of hyaline cartilage or fibrocartilage?

cartilaginous joints

nearly all are synarthrotic?

Fibrous joints

shoulder, hip, jaw. and elbow joints

synovial joints

Freely movable joints are?


Anatomical characteristics of a synovial joint include?

all of the above

Factors that influence the stability of a synovial joint include?

presence of strong reinforcing ligaments

The description "Articular surfaces deep and secure; capsule heavily reinforced by ligaments and muscle tendons; extremly stable joint" best describes?

the hip joint

Ankylosis means?

immoblility of a joint due to fusion of its articular surfaces

An autoimmune disorder in which joints are effecte bilaterally and which involves pannus formation and gradual joint immobilization is?

rheumatiod arthritis

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