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Earth's Motions


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the motion of an object spinning on its axis
the motion of an object around another object due to gravity
the model of the solar system that has the Earth in the center and the Sun and other planets revolving around the Earth.
the model of the solar system that has the Sun in the center with all the planets revolving around it.
Celestial sphere
a model that looks like a dome. Users show the paths of the Sun, stars and other celestial objects on it.
Altitude-Azimuth System
like the latitude and longitude for the sky; Azimuth is the direction the observer is facing and altitude is the angle above the horizon they're looking.
a ball of mostly hydrogen gas; fusion of hydrogen into helium creates the heat and light from the star
groups of stars that create patterns are the focus of many historical stories and myths
Circumpolar stars
stars and constellations that do not set below the horizon and are located near the pole star in the sky
INcoming SOLar radiATION; the energy from the Sun that hits Earth
Axis of rotation
the line through an object that an objects spins around
Earth's axis stays parallel with itself throughout the entire revolution around the Sun