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Astrid Kirchner
-Photographer for Beatles
-Responsible for their outfits too
-met in Hamburg
-Engaged to Klauss Voorman, dated Stu Sutcliffe
Maurine Kleive
-Love interest in Norwegian Wood
-From London Evening Standard, Jesus comment
Boob Wooler
DJ at Cavern Club
Introduced Beatles 292 times
Got them Litherland Townhall/Watershed gig
Richard Lester
Hard Days night and Help Director
Klauss Voorman
Revolver artist
Intellectual group in Hamburg
First of Exies to see the Beatles
The "fool"
People designing Apple Boutique clothing
Dutch art collective
Marika and Simon
All you need is love outfits
Neal Aspinall
Road Manager
Bruno Koshminer
German guy, had all clubs in Hamburg.
Had Indra and Kaiser Keller in Hamburg
Pete Best
OG drummer from Hamburg
Ivan Vaughn
John and Paul's friend
Has same bday as Paul
Introduced when Paul played song as Quarryman Gig
Woolten Village Fate
The II (Two I's)
In London, it is a coffee bar
George tells story, stiffed by Allen Parns.
Allen Williams said let's go to London, got them gig where they met Bruno.
Where the Beatles got Hamburg gig
Beatles never played here, but this is where the manager met him.
In what ways is Sgt Pepper a first?
First concept album
Lyrics on back of album
No space between songs
Mixing of persona
Two 4 tracks synced
Beatles film impact - Who did George Meet when Filming Hard Days Night
Pattie Boyd
Sawami gave him book on yoga
-what scene? -
In restaurant in London, first time hearing. Ravi Shankar became teacher.
Lennon's affirmation for Beatles
To the toppermost of the poppermost
Skiffle? Artist?
Genre, combines american jazz and black folk.
Ex. Chris Barber and Lonnie Donogan.
Also Elvis
Beatles started out as this in the Quarrymen.
Rockabilly came from?
American, Memphis
3 artists crucial to Beatles-->
•Elvis, bc he wowed girls
•Bill Hailey, first song that has rock in name. banned in hometown. power of rock n roll.
•Rock around the clock-Evan Hunter, Blackboard Jungle
•Chuck Barry - poet lauriet of rock n roll. Beatles loved him and his guitar playing.
•Little Richard - "oooh" factor
•Carl Perkins - George Harrison's guitar god
What made Paul's songs so memorable?
Key changes
Changing perspective
contrast in bridges and cords
Brought bridge into songs
4 examples of how the Beatles took care of themselves
Having Brian Epstein
Stopped touring
Taking Hamburg risk
Exploring spirituality
How did Brian Epstein meet Beatles?
Raymond Jones came in asking for demo of My Bonnie by Tony Sheraton, went to Cavern Club
Impact of their manager, Brian Epstein
Changed their outfits (got them suits)
no eating/drinking on stage
all equal
kept working class roots
Built on every single success
British invasion impact politically in the US
Kennedy assassinated
British invasion impact musically in the US
British invasion - socially?
Civil rights movement
Brown vs. board of education
Bob Dylan after rockabillies, inspired by them and folk music
British invasion - coincidentally?
Ed Sullivan arriving at airport , witnesses Beatlemania. Crime rate drop after Ed Sullivan show.
After 1958, bad things happened
Aldon Music, Phil Spector - lots of copying
Motown, started by Barry Gordy
Funk Brothers/Dozier Holland = in house competition
Surf music, Beach Boys
George Martin and Beatles - how were they made for each other?
-self-taught and classically trained
was intermediate force, not dominant force.
respected them as creators/artists
Worked beyond fringe, introduced them to comedy that they loved
George Martin = not into drugs
Who inspired please please me?
Roy Orbison and Bing Crosby
saved corduroy industry
Stramsact, fan-oriented
owned by Nicky Byrne. 90%, Beatles got 10%.
given to him by Bealtes lawyer David Jacobs
Read about him, re-negotiated to 46%
Beatles chemistry?
How did Brian Epstein mess up?
by his fiscal misunderstanding in merchandising.
never asked for help w/ anything in Hard Days Night
Producers going to meeting. 15%, asked for 7.5% for movie deal.
Ed Sullivan paid them the least, bad at negotiating
Philippines Thing - part of last tour. got into it w/ dictators in Philippines.
Impact of Beatles on US music
Monkees - mimmicked beatles
The Birds - hard days night sound
Please please me inspiration
Roy Orbison as well as a Bing Crosby song.
Song that began as scrambled eggs
Recording innovations
ADT - Revolver - Good Day Sunshine
I Want You - Abbey Road - playing with equalizer knobs
I Am The Walrus - Magical Mystery Tour - lose-miked cellos
Sgt Pepper's Lonely Harts Club Band - Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite - steam organ recordings/cut tapes up and randomized them.
Beatles and Bob Dylan
listened to free willing
introduced them to weed in hotel room
lyrics changed dramatically, more to life than women and sex.
Brought back Dylan's rock n roll
John a year older than Dylan, 1941 vs 1940
Childhood realities shared by Beatles in liverpool
How were Beatles under the starts timing wise?
commonalities between John and Paul
mothers dead
NEMS - Brian Epstein - timing/finding him as manager
Already has record store
292 times introduced at cavern club - so bored
super need each other
George Martin producer EMI
working for parlephone. timing for him? wants to get into rock n roll
Publishing company - Dick James - Northern Songs = company name
Got Beatles biggest pop show in UK teleivison. Riding Hood. He could phone up producer of Thank your lucky stars
3-1 split over signing with?
Alan Klein. He wanted 20%. Paul said no more than 15%. Paul wanted his in - laws, the Eastmans, managing instead
Dick James did a bad thing to them
When john signed with alan klein, john and yoko did. no beatles came to pauls wedding.
Dick decided to sell publishing without telling them, because john was out of control. it was sold to ATV. when you lose publishing, song can be used for anything
Guru of acid
Timothy Leary.
Tune in, turn on, drop out.
wrote book to inspire john, the psychadelic experience.