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climate and biomes in the united states

this is a review for earth bioms and climate. If you go to SSA you need to studie this in 6th grade.
a frozen desert. Has very little life. Has lichens, Caribu, wolves, ptarmigans and lemings. has frozen soil called permafrost. In alaska
coneferus forests
found in some parts of Alaska and are on the rocky mountains. the russan name for them are 'tiga' There live wolves, deer, blackbears grizzle bears, moose, beavers, hairs, and red squirls
decidious forests
south of the coniferus forests. Decidius trees grow there. summers are warm and winters are cold. more than 800 decidus trees grow there like the och, birch, maple, beech, and hickory.
Tropical rain forest
only in Hawii. 200 cm of rain a month. trees form a 'green roof' called a canopy over the forest. many many animales live there
sea of grass can be 2' high.get 25 cm-75 cm of rain a year. Gophers, prairie dogs, blackbirds, loucusts, and grasshoppers live here
dry. get less than 20 cm of rain a year. Cougers, kangaroos, snakes, tralantula, and small rats live here
Marine west coast
north western coast of th U.S.A. rainy moist air. western coast of Cascade mountains. mild winters and cool summers. have redwood and spruce trees that are used for paper lumber and furniture
Moist continental
very cold winters and a mild summer. This is on the northern portion of the U.S.A. people mainly grow corn and weat there.
moist subtropical
Southeastern part of the USA. summers hot and moist. Simalar to the moist subtropical. cotton is grown here
lands with high elevation. fir and pine trees grow here.
desert and steppe
western interior of the USA. are just east of the american mountain ranges. far from inland and have little rain.