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summers are usually _______ and winters are usually _________. Because of distinct seasonal changes

warm, cold

deciduous trees got their name because of what

they shed their leaves in the fall and grow news ones each year

why do trees turn beautiful colors before they shed their leaves

in the fall the plants stop making chlorophyll which is green and when the green color disappears the yellow orange and red show up

this biome receives how much rain

20-100 in per year

humans have done what to the forests

they have been converted into agricultural land , been logged, air pollution, and acid rain

these forests are found where

Europe, China, Japan, Korea, and the U.S.

soil is _________________

very fertile, organically rich

deciduous means _______________

falling off or out at a certain season

5 layers in deciduous forest

tree stratum, small tree and sapling layer, shrub layer, herb layer, and ground layer

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