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Powerpoint 2010 Unit 1 (Chs 1-4)

Chapters 1-4 of PowerPoint 2010
A ____ is a list of related items, including folders, programs, and commands.
Microsoft Office programs use ____ dialog boxes for performing actions such as opening and saving files.
all of the above
A slide may contain ____.
The ____ command waits for Windows 7 to save your work and then turns off the computer fans and hard disk.
Which of the following is a valid folder name?
A(n) ____ window is an open window hidden from view but that can be displayed quickly by clicking the window's program button on the taskbar.
If you are required to log on to the computer, the ____ screen is displayed, which shows the user names of users on the computer.
A(n) ____ on a menu performs a specific action, such as saving a file.
Depending on the particular slide ____ selected, placeholders are displayed for the slide title and subtitle; a content text placeholder is displayed for text, art, or a table, chart, picture, graphic, or movie.
Which of the following applications is included with Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010?
A(n) ____ is an area of a window that displays related content.
The default slide layouts are set up in ____ orientation, as shown in the accompanying figure.
Windows 7 is used to run ____ software.
To remove KeyTips like the ones in the accompanying figure, you can press the ____ key until all KeyTips disappear.
When you ____ a scroll bar, a shortcut menu appears with commands related to the scroll bar.
You can press the ____ key on the keyboard to display KeyTips, like the kind in the accompanying figure.
A(n) ____ is a named unit of storage.
As shown in the accompanying figure, all Office programs have a ____ tab, which contains the more frequently used commands.
____ is a desktop-publishing program that assists you in designing and producing professional-quality documents.
A ____ helps you manage multiple folders and files stored in various locations on a computer.
____ is a full-featured word processing program that allows you to create professional-looking documents.
Title Slide
When you create a new presentation, the default ____ layout appears, as shown in the accompanying figure.
All of the above
Which of the following buttons are contained on the Quick Access Toolbar by default?
A ____ is an object that allows users to choose from multiple predetermined options.
Blank slide
Which of the following layouts has no placeholders?
The default view in PowerPoint, as shown in the accompanying figure, is ____ view.
Which of the following is a valid folder name?
As shown in the accompanying figure, each ____ contains a collection of groups, each of which contains related functions.
Screen resolution indicates the number of ____ that the computer uses to display the letters, numbers, graphics, and background you see on the screen.
The ____ bar contains five buttons used to accomplish various tasks on the computer related to organizing and managing the contents of the open window.
A ____ is an icon on the desktop that provides a user with immediate access to a program or file.
All of the following are main tabs that display on the Ribbon when you start PowerPoint EXCEPT ____.
A ____ consists of a drive letter and colon, to identify the storage device, and one or more folder names.
One method of displaying the entire contents of a window is to ____ it.
As shown in the accompanying figure, the basic unit of a PowerPoint presentation is a ____.
If your slide content is dominantly vertical, consider changing the slide layout to a ____ orientation.
To display the Start menu, press ____.
The tool tabs in the accompanying figure are also called ____ tabs.
Which of the following applications is included with Microsoft Office Standard 2010?
____ is a communications and scheduling program that allows you to manage e-mail accounts, among other things.
The default _____ color is set when you type text.
the first word of each paragraph
By default, PowerPoint capitalizes _____.
Smart Guide
When two shapes are aligned precisely, you might see a dashed line between the objects called a _____.
Quick Access Toolbar
If you accidentally insert the wrong picture on a slide, just click the Undo button on the _____.
_____ determines the overall lightness or darkness of an entire image.
_____ allows you to see through a slide background or a color.
Picture Tools Format
Which of the following contextual Ribbon tabs appears when you select a picture on a slide?
A background feature called _____ allows you to move the background from the slide borders in varying distances by a percentage.
You can press the _____ keyboard shortcut keys to move the insertion point into the next text placeholder.
You can _____ anywhere on a slide and then click Format Background to open the Format Background dialog box, shown in the accompanying figure.
(Drawing Tools Format tab | Size group)
To change a selected shape's height or width to a specific value, type the value in the Height or Width text boxes on the _____.
_____ colors are designed as colors for secondary features on a slide.
_____ is the content that makes up the interior of a shape, line, or character.
all of the above
Which of the following style elements are included in picture styles?
_____ is the difference between the darkest and lightest areas of an image.
(Design tab | Background group)
You can display the Background Styles gallery by clicking the Background Styles button on the _____.
You can apply WordArt text fill to text that appears in more than one location on a slide by making the first selection and then pressing and holding the _____ key as you select other text.
Studies show people remember at least _____ more information when the document they are seeing or reading contains visual elements.
A good _____ is useful to decide when to use numerals or words to represent numbers in a sentence.
Solid _____ is one color used throughout the entire slide.
Text Effects
You can change the shape of selected WordArt by clicking the _____ button in the WordArt Styles group on the Drawing Tools Format tab.
(Drawing Tools Format tab | WordArt Styles group)
You can display the WordArt Transform gallery by clicking the Text Effects button on the _____.
Live preview
Which of the following PowerPoint features allows you to see what a picture border color change will look like before you apply it?
_____ color is the fundamental color of a PowerPoint slide.
Insert Picture from File
Clicking which of the following buttons opens the Insert Picture dialog box shown in the accompanying figure?
(Picture Tools Format tab | Picture Styles group)
The Picture Styles gallery, shown in the accompanying figure, is displayed by clicking the More button located on the _____.
Line thickness is called it's _____.
_____ color contrasts with the background color of the slide.
The WordArt _____ is the exterior border surrounding each letter or symbol.
Each presentation template's color _____ has 12 complementary background, text, accent, and hyperlink colors.
_____ help clarify and emphasize details, so they appeal to audience members with differing backgrounds, reading levels, attention spans, and motivations.
You can use _____options to repeat a background image many times vertically and horizontally on a slide.
rotate handle
The green circle you see above a selected picture is the _____.
(Insert tab | Images group)
You can insert a picture saved in a file into a slide by clicking the Insert Picture from File button on the ____.
Format Background
You can change the transparency of a picture used as a slide's background in the _____ dialog box.
Gradient fill
_____ involves one color shade gradually progressing to another shade of the same color or to another color.
(Design tab | Themes group)
Which of the following is the path to the Theme Colors button?
(Picture Tools Format tab | Picture Styles group)
The Picture Effects button is located on the _____, as shown in the accompanying figure.
Pictures in the _____ gallery give the appearance of a physical object, such as water drops or sand, that can give your presentation a unique look.
_____ effects add pattern and texture to a slide's background, which add depth to a slide.
You can select slide objects in order to delete them simultaneously by pressing the _____ key as you click each object.
Trim Video
PowerPoint's _____ feature allows you to set the timing for a video clip.
Color _____ indicates that one color is dominating a picture.
all of the above
An audio file's properties include _____ as shown in the Preview/Properties dialog box.
_____ effects convert colors in a picture to a wide variety of hues.
(Insert tab | Media group)
Which of the following is the path to the Insert Video button?
You can click the Print tab in _____ view to preview your slides and set print options, as shown in the accompanying figure.
The _____ gallery has a wide variety of preset formatting combinations for coloring pictures.
_____ changes picture color into black, white, and shades of gray.
You can display the Thesaurus in the Research pane by pressing the _____ keys.
Bring to Front
Click _____ to move a stacked object to the top of the stack.
You can delete multiple adjacent slides by clicking the Slides tab thumbnail for the first slide and pressing the _____ key as you click the last slide thumbnail.
Bring Forward
Click _____ to move a stacked object toward the top of the stack.
In the accompanying figure, words underlined with a red wavy line are possibly _____.
Color _____ changes the intensity of colors.
custom dictionary
You can add special words, such as proper names, cities, and acronyms to a _____.
When you _____ a clip art picture, PowerPoint breaks it into its component objects, as shown in the accompanying figure.
Each _____ determines where the slide number is displayed in the footer.
You can group or regroup selected slide objects by pressing the _____ keys.
Notes pane
Comments added to slides in the _____ give the speaker information that supplements the text on a slide.
A _____ paragraph places the first character of a text line near the left border of a placeholder.
PowerPoint classifies animated _____ files as a type of video or movie because the clips have movement or action.
(Picture Tools Format tab | Arrange group)
Which of the following is the path to the Send Backward button?
Video Tools Playback
You can set play options for a video clip with buttons in the Video Options group on the _____ tab.
Microsoft Office programs use the _____ feature to correct typing mistakes and commonly misspelled words.
(Home tab | Paragraph group)
The path to the text alignment buttons is _____.
English language readers are accustomed to seeing paragraphs that are _____.
As you develop a lengthy presentation with many visuals, _____ may help you organize your material.
To select multiple nonadjacent slides in the Slides tab, press the _____ key as you click each slide thumbnail.
brown, gold, and yellow
Sepia changes picture colors into _____.
Play across slides
The _____ command on the Start menu, shown in the accompanying figure, allows sound to play while other slides in the presentation are displayed.
To customize placeholders or add a placeholder to a slide layout, you can customize the _____ master.
(Drawing Tools Format tab | Shape Styles group)
Which of the following is the path to the Shape Fill button?
Slide Show and Reading
Animated GIF files move only in _____ views.
Audio Control
The _____ buttons for an inserted audio clip, shown in the accompanying figure, include playing and pausing the sound, moving back or forward 0.25 seconds, audio progress, elapsed time, and muting or unmuting the sound.
Notes pane
You can type and format comments in the _____ in Normal view.
A _____ paragraph places the last character of text near the right border of a paragraph.
_____ view is similar to Slide Show view.
You can spell-check an entire presentation by pressing the _____ key.
AutoFit Options
If lines of text exceed the size of the text placeholder, the _____ button displays on the left side of the slide.
Which of the following SmartArt layout types is used to show nonsequential information?
To select multiple elements in a SmartArt graphic, you should press and hold the _____ key as you click each element.
Which of the following chart types uses vertical bars to compares values over a period of time?
Insert Table
You can open the Insert Table dialog box, shown in the accompanying figure, by clicking the _____ button in the content placeholder.
To delete a bullet line in a Text pane, press the _____ key twice.
Edit Data
You can reopen the Excel worksheet and edit the chart's data by clicking the _____ button (Chart Tools Design tab | Data group).
In the accompanying figure, the chart's _____ is/are created from the row titles in the worksheet.
You can combine table cells by _____ them.
Text pane
The _____ assists you in creating a graphic because you can direct your attention to developing and editing the message without being concerned with the actual graphic.
Which of the following SmartArt layout types is used to show proportional relationships with the largest component at the top or bottom?
visual elements
Audiences generally focus first on the _____ displayed on a slide.
Change Colors button (SmartArt Tools Design tab | SmartArt Styles group)
Which of the following is the path to the SmartArt Change Colors gallery?
column boundary
The border to the right of a column is the _____.
(Table Tools Design tab | Table Styles group)
You can apply a border to a table by clicking the Border button arrow on the _____.
(Table Tools Design tab | Table Styles group)
Which of the following is the path to the Table Styles gallery?
Clustered Column
When Excel is installed, the default chart type for a PowerPoint slide is a(n) _____ chart.
(Chart Tools Design tab | Chart Styles group)
The path to the Chart Styles gallery is _____.
Which of the following chart types divides a single total into parts to illustrate how the segments differ from each other and the whole?
A pie chart _____ is a box that identifies each slice of the pie chart and coordinates with the colors assigned to the slice categories.
(Table Tools Layout tab | Alignment group)
Which of the following is the path to the Text Direction button?
4 X 6
Which of the following dimensions indicates a table with four columns and six rows?
You can modify the look of the chart elements by changing its _____.
Which of the following chart types displays the effect on one variable when another variable changes?
In an Excel worksheet, the intersection of a column and row is called a(n) _____.
Which of the following chart types shows trends over a continuous period of time?
To close the Text pane, you can press the _____ key(s).
Which of the following SmartArt layout types is used to illustrate connections?
Which of the following SmartArt layout types is used to create an organizational chart?
(Home tab | Paragraph group)
You can convert a small amount of slide text and pictures into a SmartArt graphic by clicking the Convert to SmartArt Graphic button on the _____.
When working in a Text pane, which of the following shortcut keys add a tab character?
A(n) _____ often can help convey relationships between key points in your presentation.
_____ express numbers visually.
right-clicking a table cell and clicking Format Shape on the shortcut menu
You can add a picture or a clip to a table cell by _____.
(Insert tab | Symbols group)
You can open the Symbol dialog box by clicking the Symbol button on the _____.
(Table Tools Design tab | Table Styles group)
You can apply an effect to a table by clicking the Effects button on the _____.
SmartArt graphic
The accompanying figure illustrates adding text to a _____.
Which of the following SmartArt layout types is used to show how parts relate to a whole?
Sample data
In the accompanying figure, what do the numbers in the worksheet represent?
You can press the _____ key(s) to move to the next cell to the right in a table.
visual literacy
Graphical elements increase _____.