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Latin word for recipe, meaning take.


Medication prescribed, including generic or brand name, strenght, & quantity


Instructions for the pharmacist on dispensing the medication


Directions for the patient to follow

DEA Number

Identifies the prescriber as authorized to prescribe controlled substances


Hypersenitivity to a specfic substance

Adverse reaction

Negative consequence from taking a particular drug

Patient profile

Computerized record of patient's prescriptions and relevent information

Medical history

Information about existing conditions, allergies, & adverse drug reactions

Oral dose forms

Tablets, capsules, liquids, syrups, & suspensions

Unit of use

Fixed number of doses in a stock drug container


Unit of measure for vials


Physicians Desk Reference; publication containing package inserts

Package insert

Contains information on the approriate use & common side effects of the drug


Chemical & physical composition of the drug

Clinical Pharmacology

Description of how a drug works


Disease or symptoms the drug is intended to treat


Coexisting diseases or symptoms that increase the risk of taking a drug


Potential dangers associated with the use of the drug


Special circumstances that require a patient to take extra care

Drug interaction

Identifies the effect of a drug on other drugs


Symptoms & treatment caused by excessive use of a drug

Dose & Administration

Appropriate amount of a drug & any special instructions

How supplied

Dosage form & strengths in which the drug is available

Auxiliary labels

Additional instructions & warnings to the patient about a prescription

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