26 terms

Hisory Vocab ch. 4

hapsburg empire
Central European empire that lasted from the 1400s to the 1900s and at it's height included the lands of the Holy Roman Empire and the Netherlands
charles V
ruler of the Holy Roman Empire and the Netherlands
philip II
42-year reign where he sought to expand Spanish influence, defend/protect Catholicism, make his own power absolute; devoted time to gov. work
absolute monarch
a ruler with complete authority over the gov. and the lives of the people
divine right
authority to rule came directly from G-d
el greco
most famous Spanish painter who produced haunting religious pictures and striking portraits of Spanish royalty. Vibrant colors
miguel de cervantes
most important ruler of Spain's golden age who wrote Don Quixote, which pokes fun at medieval tales of chivalry. It was considered to be Europe's first modern novel
French Protestants who fought in religious wars against the Catholic majority
henry IV
a Huguenot prince who inherited the throne the French throne in 1589. Fought for 4 years against fierce Catholic opposition to gain control of France. To end conflict he converted to Catholicism
edict of nantes
granting the Huguenots religious toleration and other freedoms
cardinal richelieu
was appointed by Louis as his chief minister in 1624. This cunning capable leader devoted the next 18 years to strengthening the central gov.
louis XIV
was 5 years old when he inherited the throne in 1643, a year after Richelieu's death
royal officials who collected taxes, recruited soldiers, and carried out Louis's policies in the provinces
jean-baptiste colbert
Louis's brilliant finance minister who imposed mercantilist policies to bolster the economy
royal French residence and seat of gov. established by king Louis XIV
morning ritual during which nobles would wait upon French king Louis XIV. Rising
balance of power
distribution of military and economic power that prevents any one nation from becoming too strong.
james I
the first Stuart monarch who had agreed to rule according to English laws and customs; not nealry as popular nor as skilled at dealing with Parliament
Protestants who differed with the Church of England
one group who sought to "purify" the church of Catholic practices. They called for simpler services and a more democratic Church without bishops
charles I
takes over and behaves like his father. Imprisoned foes without trial - sqeezes coutry for money and summons Parliament for new taxes
oliver cromwell
ruler of the Roundheads who organized a "New Model Army" for Parliament, made of officers selected for skill, into a disciplined fighting force. His army defeated the Cavaliers in a series of decisive battles
english bill of rights
superiority of Parliament over monarch; summon Parliament regularly
limited monarchy
a typte of gov. in which a constitution or legislative body limits the monarch's powers
constitutional government
a gov. whose power is defined and limited by law