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  1. 我要寄信。---- 你要寄航空信还是挂号信? ---- 我要寄航空信。
  2. 这个
  1. a 【zhègè】or 【zhèigè】 [SPECIFIER + MEASURE] - this (one).
  2. b 【jiǎo】 dime; 10 cents; *** horn; bugle; something in the shape of a horn; corner; angle; cape.
  3. c 【de】 [PARTICLE] - (Noun and Verb suffix possession or modification); *** (used after an attribute); (used to form a noun phases or nominal expression); (used after a verb or between a verb and its object to stress an element of the sentence); (used at the end of a declarative sentence for emphasis); (used to express the idea of 'of that kind').
  4. d 【wèn】 [ACTION VERB] - to ask (a question); to inquire; *** ask after; inquire after; interrogate; examine.
  5. e Wǒ Yào Jì Xìn。 ---- Nǐ Yào Jì Hánɡ Kōnɡ Xìn Hái Shì Guà Hào Xìn? Wǒ Yào Jì Hánɡ Kōnɡ Xìn。 ---- I want to mail a letter. ---- You want air mail or registered letter? ---- I want air mail.

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  1. 【máo】 [MEASURE] - dime; 10 cents; *** hair; feather; down; wool; mildew; semifinished; gross; little; small; careless; crude; rash; panicky; scared; flurried; <informal> (of currency) be no longer worth its face value; depreciate; <informal> a fractional unit of money in China (=0.1 yuan or 10 fen 分); a surname.
  2. 【fēn】 [MEASURE] - cent; *** divide; separate; part; distribute; assign; allot; distinguish; differentiate; branch (of an organization); fraction; one-tenth; fen a unit of length (=0.333 centimetre); fen, a unit of area (=66.666 square metres); fen a unit of weight (=0.5 gram); fen, a fractional unit of money in China; minute; point; mark; interest %.
  3. 【yào】 [ADVERB] - want to; going to; need to; *** important; essential; want; ask for; wish; desire; ask (or want) somebody to do something; wish to; must; should; it is necessary (or imperative, essential); shall; will; be going to; need; take; <conj.> if; suppose; in case.
  4. 【wǔ】 [NUMBER] - 5; *** five; <music> a note of the scale in gongchepu, corresponding to 6 in numbered musical notation.
  5. 【yī】 [NUMBER] - 1; *** one; single; alone; only one; same; whole; all; throughout; each; per; every time; also; otherwise; concentrated; wholehearted; once; as soon as.

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  1. 【wǔ】 [NUMBER] - 5; *** five; <music> a note of the scale in gongchepu, corresponding to 6 in numbered musical notation.


  2. 【jiǔ】 [NUMBER] - 9; *** nine; each of the nine nine-day periods beginning from the day after the Winter Solstice; many; numerous.


  3. 【duì】 [STATIVE VERB] - to be correct; right; *** answer; reply; treat; cope with; counter; be trained on; be directed at; mutual; face to face;
    opposite; opposing; bring (two things) into contact; fit one into the other; suit; agree; get along; compare; check; identify; set; adjust.


  4. 【jì】 [ACTION VERB] - to mail; *** send; post; entrust; deposit; place; depend on; attach oneself; <old> adopted.


  5. 邮局【yóupiào】 [NOUN] - postage stamp; (the measure word is 张【zhāng】); *** stamp.