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  1. 一共
  2. 几块钱
  1. a 【dǒng】 [ACTION VERB] - to understand; *** know.
  2. b 【yào】 [ADVERB] - want to; going to; need to; *** important; essential; want; ask for; wish; desire; ask (or want) somebody to do something; wish to; must; should; it is necessary (or imperative, essential); shall; will; be going to; need; take; <conj.> if; suppose; in case.
  3. c 【wèn】 [ACTION VERB] - to ask (a question); to inquire; *** ask after; inquire after; interrogate; examine.
  4. d 【yīgòng】 [ADVERB] - altogether; totaling; in total; **** in all; all told.
  5. e 【jǐkuàiqián】[EXPRESSION] - How much money? Expecting a small quantity of money as an answer. This is an extra phrase not in the CME book.

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  1. 【jiǔ】 [NUMBER] - 9; *** nine; each of the nine nine-day periods beginning from the day after the Winter Solstice; many; numerous.
  2. 【bǎi】 [NUMBER / MEASURE] - hundred; *** numerous; all kinds of.
  3. 【duì】 [STATIVE VERB] - to be correct; right; *** answer; reply; treat; cope with; counter; be trained on; be directed at; mutual; face to face;
    opposite; opposing; bring (two things) into contact; fit one into the other; suit; agree; get along; compare; check; identify; set; adjust.
  4. 【hángkōngxìn】 [NOUN] - airmail letter.
  5. 【zhào】 [NOUN] - (A Chinese family name); a surname.

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  1. 那个【nàge】or【nèige】[SPECIFIER + MEASURE] - that (one).


  2. 明信片【jìxìn】 [VERB-OBJECT] - to mail letters.


  3. 寄信【jìxìn】 [VERB-OBJECT] - to mail letters.


  4. 【yī】 [NUMBER] - 1; *** one; single; alone; only one; same; whole; all; throughout; each; per; every time; also; otherwise; concentrated; wholehearted; once; as soon as.


  5. 邮票【yóupiào】 [NOUN] - postage stamp; (the measure word is 张【zhāng】); *** stamp.