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  1. a 【bā】 [NUMBER] - 8; *** eight.
  2. b 【xìn】 [NOUN] - letter (mail) (the measure word is 封【fēng】); *** true; confidence; trust; faith; believe; profess faith in; believe in; at will; at random; without plan; sign; evidence; message; word; information; fuse.
  3. c 【mài】 [ACTION VERB] - to sell; *** betray; exert to the utmost; show off.
  4. d 【zhào】 [NOUN] - (A Chinese family name); a surname.
  5. e 【jì】 [ACTION VERB] - to mail; *** send; post; entrust; deposit; place; depend on; attach oneself; <old> adopted.

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  1. 【jiǔ】 [NUMBER] - 9; *** nine; each of the nine nine-day periods beginning from the day after the Winter Solstice; many; numerous.
  2. 【hái】 [ADVERB] - still; yet (continuing); *** even more; still more; also; too; as well; in addition; passably; fairly; even.
  3. 【zhègè】or 【zhèigè】 [SPECIFIER + MEASURE] - this (one).
  4. 【sì】 [NUMBER] - 4; *** four; <music> a note corresponding to six in numbered musical notation.
  5. 【yīgòng】 [ADVERB] - altogether; totaling; in total; **** in all; all told.

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  1. 【liù】 [NUMBER] - 6; *** six.


  2. 邮局【yóupiào】 [NOUN] - postage stamp; (the measure word is 张【zhāng】); *** stamp.


  3. 【jǐ】 [NUMBER] / [QUESTION WORD] - MUST be followed by a measure word. How many?; you are to expect a low number in reply; *** a few; several; some.


  4. 对不起,你说什么我不懂。 ---- 我问你,你要买几块钱的邮票?Duì Bù Qǐ , Nǐ Shuō Shén Me Wǒ Bù Dǒnɡ 。 ---- Wǒ Wèn Nǐ, Nǐ Yào Mǎi Jǐ Kuài Qián De Yóu Piào?---- Sorry, I did not understand what you said. I asked which value of stamp you want to buy?


  5. 邮票【yóujú】 [PLACE WORD] - post office.