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Additive color

color in the form of direct light

Subtractive color

reflected light, paints, media, object color


the ONLY cause of color


the name of a color


the degree of brightness or purity of a color


degree of lightness or darkness of a color

Primary colors of light (additive)

Red, Green, Blue

Primary colors of media (subtractive)

Red, Yellow, Blue


intervals of color or value too close to detect, a gradual wash


no discernable color


having only one color

analogous colors

adjacent to each other on the color wheel

complementary colors

opposite each other on the color wheel, combine to make chromatic neutrals

Isaac Newton

discovered that color derives from white light.


the form or substance through which an idea is conveyed

moire pattern

an unintentional pattern that forms when color separations are not properly offset.


a 6 color printing process

spot color

solid, specialty colors applied individually to printing presses


something drawn or written

the number of ways a pixel can be altered

bit depth


cathode ray tube


liquis crystal display

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