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Latin 2 (2016 - 2017) Vocabulary List #2 (Only 1st and 2nd Principal Parts)


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canto, cantare
to sing
saluto, salutare
to greet
porto, portare
to carry
ambulo, ambulare
to walk
nato, natare
to swim
intro, intrare
to enter
laboro, laborare
to work
poto, potare
to drink
visito, visitare
to visit
gusto, gustare
to taste
lavo, lavare
to wash
amo, amare
to like or love
ausculto, auscultare
to listen to
specto, spectare
to watch
clamo, clamare
to shout
audio, audire
to hear
venio, venire
to come
dormio, dormire
to sleep
esurio, esurire
to be hungry
sitio, sitire
to be thirsty
aperio, aperire
to open
invenio, invenire
to find
salio, salire
to jump
finio, finire
to finish
curro, currere
To run
scribo, scribere
To write
lego, legere
To read
emo, emere
To buy
vendo, vendere
To sell
dico, dicere
To speak
ludo, ludere
To play
duco, ducere
To lead
vinco, vincere
To win
cado, cadere
To fall
edo, edere
To eat
frango, frangere
To break
quaero, quaerere
To question
vado, vadere
To go
gero, gerere
To wear
sedeo, sedēre
to sit
pendeo, pendēre
to hang
rideo, ridēre
to laugh
moveo, movēre
to move
mordeo, mordēre
to bite
video, vidēre
to see
iaceo, iacēre
to lie down
lateo, latēre
to hide
sileo, silēre
to be silent
timeo, timēre
to fear
teneo, tenēre
to hold
terreo, terrēre
to frighten
incipio, incipere
to begin
facio, facere
to make
rapio, rapere
to grab, seize
capio, capere
to take
fugio, fugere
to flee