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All the New Vocabulary characters (生词) from Lesson 4, Book 1 of "Chinese Made Easier", second edition. Plus some terms and sentences from my teachers to enhance the subject. The exact definition from the book is listed first then I added *** to separate other definitions that you may use over time.

【yáng】 [NOUN] - (A Chinese family name); *** poplar.


【dìfang】 [PLACE WORD] - 1.locality; lower level government administration (e.g. that of a county or township)
2.local; regional
3.a space; a room; a place; a location; a region aspect; a respect; a part (of a plan, statement, theory, etc.)


【càishìchǎng】 [PLACE WORD] - (Vegetable / fruit & meat) market.

【cài】 [NOUN] - vegetable; dish; *** greens; food; course.


【shìchǎng】 [PLACE WORD] - market; *** marketplace; bazaar.

【měi】 [SPECIFIER] - each; every; *** per; often.

【tiān】 [MEASURE] - day; *** sky; heaven; overhead; a period of time in a day; season; weather; nature; God; Heaven.


【měitiān】 [SPECIFIER + MEASURE] - every day; each day.

每 ... 都

【měi ... dōu】 each/every...always.

那么 / 这么

【nàme】/ 【zhème】 [ADVERB] - so (many/cheap/etc..)

【duō】 [STATIVE VERB] - much; many; *** more; more than the correct or the required number; too many; excessive; too much; more over; odd; much more; far more.


【yīxiē】 [NUMBER + MEASURE] - a few; some; *** a number of; certain; a little.

【hé】 [CONJUNCTION] - and; *** gentle; mild; kind; harmonious; on good terms; peace; <sports> draw; tie; together with; <math.> sum; (He2) a surname.


【shuǐguǒ】 [NOUN] - fruit.

【xiǎng】 [AUXILLARY VERB] - think of (doing something); wish to; intend to; *** think; suppose; reckon; consider; want to; would like to; feel like (doing somthing); remember with longing; miss.


【qīngcài】 [NOUN] - vegetables; (usually the green leafy variety); *** greens; Chinese cabbage.


【lǎobǎn】 [NOUN] - boss; shopkeeper; *** proprietor.


【lǎobǎnniáng】 [NOUN] - shopkeepers wife;


【húluóbo】 [NOUN] - carrot or (红萝卜【hóngluóbo】).

【jīn】 [MEASURE] - (= a basic unit of weight in china (500 grams or 0.5 kilogram)).


【gōngjīn】 [MEASURE] - kilogram (kg.); kilo.

【guì】 [STATIVE VERB] - expensive; *** costly; dear; highly valued; valuable; precious; of high rank; noble; <polite> your; short for Guizhou province.


【piányi】 [STATIVE VERB] - cheap; inexpensive; *** small advantages; pretty gains; let sb. off lightly.


【nàme】 [MOVABLE ADVERB] - in that case; *** like that; in that way; about; or so; <conj.> then; such being the case.


【yángcōng】 [NOUN] - onion.


【xiāngjiāo】 [NOUN] - banana. (MEASURE is 根【gēn】or 个【gè】)


【zěnmemài】 [QUESTION WORD] - how much does (X) sell for?

【jǐ】 a few; some; Needs to be followed by a measure word then a noun. *** how many; several.


【píngguǒ】 [NOUN] - apple.

【zhǒng】 [MEASURE] - kind (of); sort (of); type (of) *** <biology> species; race; seed; strain; breed; guts; grit.


【zěnmeyàng】 [EXPRESSION] - What is (your) opinion?; What do (you) think?

【nǎ】 [SPECIFIER / QUESTION WORD] - 1.a phrase-final particle
2.(as interrogative) where; how; what; which (one)
Nǐ Zài Nǎr? 你 在 哪 儿 ? Where are you?


【xīhóngshì】 [NOUN] - tomato.


【júzi】 [NOUN] - tangerine; Mandarin orange.


【chéngzi】 [NOUN] - orange (fruit).

【qiān】 [NUMBER/MEASURE] - thousand; *** a great amount of; a great number of.

【wàn】 [NUMBER/MEASURE] - ten thousand; *** a very great number; myriad; absolutely; by all means; (Wan4) a surname.


【hóngluóbo】 [NOUN] - carrot; or (胡萝卜【húluóbo】)

【gēn】 [Measure] - (measure for bananas); *** root (of a plant); <math.> root; foot; base; cause; origin; source;
thoroughly; completely.

这个菜市场每天都有这么多人吗?---- 对, 我们买一些水果好不好?

Zhè Ge Cài Shì Chǎnɡ Měi Tiān Dōu Yǒu Zhè Me Duō Rén Mɑ? ---- Duì,Wǒ Men Mǎi Yì Xiē Shuí Guǒ Hǎo Bu Hǎo?---- Are there so many people in this market everyday? ---- Yes. Shall we buy some fruit?


Wǒ Bù Mǎi Shuǐ Guǒ,Wǒ Xiǎnɡ Mǎi Yì Xiē Qīnɡ Cài。---- I won't buy fruit / I don't want fruit. I want (to buy) some vegetables.

胡萝卜多少钱一斤?/ 胡萝卜怎么卖? ---- 十块五毛钱一斤。

Hú Luó Bo Duō Shǎo Qián Yì Jīn? / Hú Luó Bo Zěn Me Mài? ---- Shí Kuài Wǔ Máo Qián Yì Jīn。 ---- How much are carrots? (per jin-500grams)? / How much do carrots cost? ---- 10 yuan and 5 jiao (10.5 yuan) per jin.

这么贵! 我不要。 香蕉怎么卖? ---- 三块钱一斤。 这么便宜, 我要五斤。

Zhè Me Guì! Wǒ Bú Yào。 Xiānɡ Jiāo Zěn Me Mài? ---- Sān Kuài Qián Yì Jīn。 Zhè Me Pián Yi, Wǒ Yào Wǔ Jīn。 ---- It's so expensive. I don't want (it). How much are bananas? ---- 3 yuan per jin. ---- So cheap. I want 5 jin.


....Zěn Me Yànɡ? How about (doing something) ... / What do you think about ....

这本书怎么样? 这种苹果怎么样? 你最近怎么样?

Zhè Běn Shū Zěn Me Yànɡ? Zhè Zhǒnɡ Pínɡ Guǒ Zěn Me Yànɡ? Nǐ Zuì Jìn Zěn Me Yànɡ? What do you think about this book? What is you opinion of this kind of apple? How is it going recently?


Nà Gè Cài Shì Chǎnɡ De Jú Zǐ Bù Hǎo , Nǐ Qiān Wàn Bú Yào Mǎi 。 The oranges from that market are not good. Never buy them!

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