Cerebellum is to___memory as hippocampus is to ___memory

episodic memories

memories for events one personally experiences are called

retrieval failure

Sigmund Freud emphasized that the forgetting of painful experiences is caused by a process that involves:


when an eyewitness to an automobile accident is asked to describe what happened, which test of memory is being utilized

memory reconstruction

when asked to recall their attitude of 10 years ago regarding marijuana use, people offer recollections closer to their current view than that actually reported a decade earlier. This best illustrates:

retrieval failure

incest survivors who lack conscious memories of their sexual abuse are sometime told that they are simply in a stage of denial. This explanation of their lack of abuse memories emphasizes:


Hearing the word "rabbit" may lend people to spell the spoken word hair as h-a-r-e. This best illustrates the outcome of a process known as:

release of certain neurotransmitters

Research by Kandel and Schwartz on sea snails indicates that memeory formation is associated with the:


Some of the information in our ___memory is encoded into ___memory

left hippocampus;right hippocampus

Damage to the ___ is most likely to interfere with explicit memories of newly learned verbal info. Damage to the ____ is mostly to interfer with explicit memories of newly learned visual designs.

distorted by our current assumptions

Research on memory construction indicates that memories od past experiences are likley to be:


mood-congruent memory refers to the effect of emotional states on the process of:


the finding that people who sleep after learning a list of nonsense syllables forget less than people who stay awake provides evidenece that forgetting may involve:

proactive interference

the disruptive effect of prior learning on the recall of new information is called:


the ability to remember how Lincoln's head appears on a penny is most likely due to a failure in:

retrieval cues

after learning that kicking would move a crib mobile, infants showed that they recalled this learning best if they were tested in the same crib. This best illustrates the effect of ___on recall

explicit and implicits memory

the ability to learn something without any conscious memory of having learned it suggests the need to distinguish between


storage is to encoding as ____ is to ____

false memories are often just as durable as true ones

we often cannot reliably distinguish between true and false memories because:

rapid;slow down

Eddinghaus discovered that the rate at which we forget newly learned information in initially___and subsequently___.


the method of loci is to imagery as acronyms are to:


chess master can recall the exact position of most pieces after brief glance at the game board. This ability is best explained n terms of:


rememebring how to solve a jigsaw puzzle without any consious recollection that one can do so best illustrates _____memory

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