20 terms

Poetry Vocab Quiz 1

Ruffian (n)
a brutal person; bully - - I safety-pinned my underwear to my pants so that the ___couldn't give me any more wedgies
Eschew (v)
deliberately avoid using; abstain from - - The pregnant woman is ___ing alcohol and coffee
Aperture (n)
An opening, as a hole, split, crack, gap - - When I was buried alive in the coffin, there luckily was a small ___that let in a stream of light
Colloquial (adj)/colloquialism (n)
Having to do w/ or like conversation; conversational / a saying that 1 would say in conversation; speaking in vernacular - - Our teachers cannot understand our ___ dialect when we say things such as OMG or WTF
Histrionics (n)
Theatrics; affected mannerisms (inappropriately theatrical) - - When reading a poem be careful to avoid artificial flourishes and vocal ___
Grandiose (adj)
pretentious, pompous & imposing - - The politician was not reelected because of his ___ & turgid personality
Galvanize (v)
To apply an electric current to; to stimulate as if by electric shock; rouse; stir - - the general ___d the troops before battle by giving an encouraging speech
Parry (v)
to ward off (a thrust, stroke, weapon, etc.) as in fencing; avert & to turn aside; evade or dodge - - My teacher wanted to ask about my failing grades & I made every attempt to ___ her questions
Tenet (n)
A principle, belief, or doctrine generally held to be true (especially 1 held in common by members of an organization, movement, or profession
Incongruous (adj)
Not in harmony or keeping w/ the surrounding or other aspects of something - - My T-Pain CD is ___ with the rest of my music collection which consist of Elton John
Hoary (adj)
Gray or white with or as with age; extremely old - - Father time is portrayed as a ___, elderly man with a white beard
Obdurate (adj)
Unmoved by persuasion, pity, or tender feelings; stubborn; unyielding - - the ___ teacher refused to give an extension on the exam despite the 4 crying students in her office
Eclectic (adj)
Composed of elements drawn from various sources - - I made my boyfriend an ___ play-list that had musicians ranging from T-Pain to Celine Dion
Compunction (n)
A sharp feeling of uneasiness brought on by a sense of guilt; remorse - - When the students showed up without their homework, the teacher was angry because they didn't show the slightest bit of ___
Parlous (adj)
Full of danger or risk; hazardous - - Be careful to stay clear of the ___ construction zone because it is dangerous
Trite (adj)
Hackneyed or boring from much use; not fresh or original - - Try to avoid ___ sentences on your college essays such as, "I love learning."
Equivocal (adj)
Subject to 2 or more interpretations & usually used to mislead or confuse - - The school's policy is un___ about tardiness - if you're late, you get detention
Zaftig (adj)
Having a full rounded figure; pleasingly plump - - After giving birth, her ___ figure was more attractive than her gaunt one
Aphorism (n)
A short, concise statement of a principle - - The early bird gets the worm is a famous ___
Trepidation (n)
tremulous fear, alarm, or agitation; perturbation - - She had great ___ leading up to her college interview