13 terms

Mr. Byvik's Civics (SOL CE.3a,3b)

Review of terms and concepts.
person with rights and under a governement; owes allegiance to that government
Amendment defining citizenship: All persons born or naturalized in the U.S. . . .
along with naturalization, one of the two means of attaining citizenship in the U.S.
Along with naturalization, this has produced an increasingly diverse society in the U.S.
requires a knowledge of US history and principles and the ability to speak and write English
Religion, speech, press, assembly, petition, due process and equal protection of the laws are all freedoms guaranteed by which Amendment?
Establishes and protects citizen's fundamental rights and liberties
Bill of Rights
the first 10 Amendments to our Constitution
Freedom of Religion
a First Amendment Freedom: Government may not establish an official religion, or interfere with the practice of religion
Freedom of Speech
a First Amendment Freedom: Individuals are free to express their opinions and beliefs
Freedom of the Press
a First Amendment Freedom: The press has the right to gather and publish information, including criticism of the government
Freedom of Assembly
a First Amendment Freedom: Individuals may peacefully gather
Freedom of Petition
a First Amendment Freedom: Individuals have the right to make their views known to public officials