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Federal Agencies and the Cabinet


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Department of State
Cabinet-level agency in charge of foreign policy & international affairs. (Secretary Clinton)
Department of Treasury
Reports to Congress and the president on the financial state of the government and the economy; regulates the interstate and foreign sale of alcohol and firearms; supervise the printing of stamps for the U.S. Postal Services; curbs counterfeiting; and operates the Custom Service, which regulates and taxes imports. The Internal Revenue Services, a branch of the Treasury, regulates tax laws and collects Federal taxes. Manages government funds
Department of Defense
supports and defends the national security and upholds the national interest through military action. it oversees the armed forces through the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
SUPERVISES: the Army Navy Marine Corps Air Force
Department of Justice
Federal department responsible for enforcing federal laws (includes FBI, Civil Rights Division, Antitrust Division, Drug Enforcement Administration...)
Department of Agriculture
A department of the federal executive branch that provides services for farmers, including agricultural research, soil conservation, and efforts to regulate and stabilize the farming economy.
department of interior
Responsible for handling national parks and Indian territories and protecting natural resources. The current secretary is Ken Salazar.
department of commerce
encourages trade and business; studies U.S. trade and business conditions; conducts census; sets standard for weights and measures
department of labor
Protects the rights of workers; helps improve working conditions; promotes good relations between labor and management. The Bureau of Labor Statistics tracks changes in employment, prices, and other national economic statistics.
department of health and human services
protects the health of all Americans and provides human services especially to those who can't help themselves; Medicare/Medicaid. FDA and the CDC
department of housing and urban development
Preserve nations community, ensure Americans of equal housing communities, national mortgage money available to buy homes
department of homeland security
A cabinet division created in 2001 after 9/11 to combat terrorism and foreign immigration. Soon after its creation, Tom Ridge, its leader, had to deal with a serious problem. This incident was a report of anthrax letters being mailed to government officials and the media, resulting in 18 infections and 5 deaths. The department was quickly created soon after this (it was a Cabinet office beforehand) and began to institute several regulations in travel, border control, and imports/exports to combat the danger of terrorism and to promote security, especially at airports across the country, where it was easiest before these changes to transport terrorists and dangerous weapons quickly.
department of energy
Plans reduction of U.S. dependence on foreign oil; modernizing power systems; develops renewables like solar and wind power
department of education
establishing policies, collecting data on american schools, focusing national attention on key education issues, prohibiting discrimination, and ensuring education to everyone no matter what race or what problems you have, missions-try to make equal education for everyone, improve management of federal education activities, make financial aid for students so they can go to school/college,
department of veteran affairs
the federal department that helps military veterans recover from war through disability compensation, pension, education, home loans, life insurance, vocational rehabilitation, survivors' benefits, medical benefits, and burial benefits (Secretary Eric K. Shinseki)
department of transportation
Sets requirements for motor vehicle safety, maintenance, and fuel economy; tests vehicles and other auto products for compliance with laws. Manages nation's highways, railroads, airlines, and sea traffic
federal communications commission
an independent governmeent agency that regulates interstate and international communications by radio and television and wire and cable and satellite
federal aviation administration
regulates economic aspects of domestic and international civilian aircraft operations, investigates all accidents involving civilian aircrafts, and recommends an safety measures
Environmental Protection Agency
Governs the environmental laws for air, water, solid waste, toxic substances, and noise pollution
Food and drug administration
A federal agency whose mission is to promote and protect public health by helping safe and effective products reach the market in a timely way and to monitor products for continued safety after they are in use.
federal trade commission
a federal agency empowered to prevent persons or corporations from using unfair methods of competition in commerce
internal revenue service
the division of the U.S. Treasury Department responsible for administration and enforcement of the federal tax laws
federal bureau of investigation
the arm of the justice department that investigates violations of federal law, gathers crime statistics, runs a comprehensive crime laboratory, and helps train local law enforcement officers. Highest law enforcement agency in the country
centers for disease control and prevention
Agencies of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that investigate foodborne-illness outbreaks, study the causes and control of disease, publish statistical data, and conduct the vessel sanitation program.
u.s customs and border protection
Law enforcement service that enforces U.S. borders (air, land, sea) including its patrolling and enforcement of immigration, customs, and agriculture laws; part of DHS
Central Intelligence Agency
The four jobs were coordinate intelligence gathering, evaluating the intelligence, distribute it to the policy makers in charge of national security, and "perform other such duties and functions "that the President needs. The structure os the CIA is the National Clandestine Service (intelligence gathering and covert actions), Directorate of Intelligence (provide intelligence gathering to policy makers), Directorate of Science and Technology (technical collection systems), Directorate of Support (communications, security supplies, finances).
Environmental Protection Agency
An agency of the federal government created in 1970 and charged with administering all the government's environmental legislation. It also administers policies dealing with toxic wastes. It is the largest federal independent regulatory agency.
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Federal Agency created to enforce the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which forbids discrimination on the basis of race, creed, national origin, religion, or sex in hiring, promotion, or firing
federal emergency management agency
an independent agency of the United States government that provides a single point of accountability for all federal emergency preparedness and mitigation and response activities. Now a part of Homeland security. this agency was critisized its handling of hurricane Katrina