Control Chart Analysis


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to calculate control limits 20 subgroups of ____ samples must be saved
Randomly Distributed Points
a process that is in control should exhibit: 1. most points should be near the middle 2. no points outside control limits 3. ___________ _______ ___________ (no pattern)
Jump Shift Pattern
nine points in a row either above or below the X-double bar line
Trend Pattern
six points in a row either steadily increasing or decreasing indicate a _____ _______.
Tool Wear
possible cause of a trend pattern in an X-Bar chart could be ____ ____, operator fatigue, change in coolant temperature
grouping of points in one region of the chart away from the centerline
Stratification Pattern
all the points are near the middle of the chart
R Chart
the first step to analyze an X-Bar & R chart is to determine the the _ _____ is in control