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Intro to DB Access - Test 1

The ____ is the main control center for opening and working with database objects
Navigation Pane
The ____Toolbar provides one-click access to commonly used commands, such as Save.
Quick Access
The ____ tab provides options for adding, removing, and formatting the fields in a table.
The ____ window is the program window that appears when you create a new database or open an existing database
The ____ provides the main Access commands organized by task into tabs and groups
In the accompanying figure, the last row of data shown (11053, Hwan, Tang, etc.) is a ____.
In the accompanying figure, there are ____ fields shown.
The content of any given field is the ____.
field value
Which of the following could be defined as a field in a database?
customer name, phone number, order number - all of the above
A relational database is a collection of ____.
related tables
Every foreign key must ____.
match the field value of a primary key in a related table
Which extension identifies a file as a Microsoft Access 2010 database?
Use the ____ key(s) to move to the next column in a table.
Enter, Tab - both a and b
You can use the ____ column in the table datasheet to add new fields.
Click to Add
In Datasheet view, clicking a row selector selects an entire ____.
In Datasheet view, the pencil symbol indicates the ____.
record is being edited
To correct a value by replacing it entirely, press the ____ key, and then type the correct value.
The Save button on the Quick Access Toolbar is used to ____.
save the design of an Access object
Access can guide you through the steps to create a query by using the Query ____.
A form is used to ____.
enter, edit, and view records in a database
The ____ places all the fields from a selected table (or query) on a report.
Report tool
The Create tab has options to create all of the following EXCEPT ____.
other databases
You can move to each subsequent step in any wizard dialog box by clicking the ____ button.
In the accompanying figure, the arrow labeled 1 is pointing to a symbol used to ____.
move a field to the Selected Fields box
In the accompanying figure, the arrow labeled 2 is pointing to a symbol used to ____.
move all available fields to the Selected Fields box
You can ____ a field in the first Simple Query Wizard dialog box to move the field from the Available Fields box to the Selected Fields box.
When you create a query, the records are listed ____.
in order by the primary key field
It is best to ____ a database object—query, form, or report—only if you anticipate using the object frequently or if it is time-consuming to create because all objects use storage space on your disk.
____ a database rearranges data and objects in a database to make its size smaller.
The default category in the Navigation Pane is ____.
All Access Objects
Access searches for objects only in the categories and groups currently displayed in the ____.
Navigation Pane
If Yuka sees information in rows and columns in a query that looks similar to a table, what view is she in?
Datasheet view
As Yuka plans her database, she will use the Text data type for fields that will contain all but ____.
numbers that are used in calculations
Martha's database had been working well but it has begun to behave in unexpected ways. What should she do?
Use the Compact & Repair Database option.
To make sure that Martha's database is protected against loss, damage, or file corruption, what should she do?
Make a backup copy on the hard drive.
Why would Tom change the data type for an ID field added automatically by Access?
to use a specific format that may already exist, such as a Social Security number
What field type(s) should Tom use to automatically fill the field with a unique number for every record in his table?
Tom wants to know at a glance how many records are contained in the current table. Where should he look?
Current Record box
The default table name assigned to a new table is ____.
The characteristics of a field, such as name, size, and type, are called the field ____.
The ____ determines what type of values can be entered for a field.
data type
The ____ determines what field values are allowed and what other properties the field will have.
data type
Which view would you select if you wanted to define a table yourself from start to finish?
Design view
Values for field properties other than Field Name, Data Type, and Description are entered in the ____ portion of the Table window in Design view.
Field Properties pane
While defining your fields, you need more information about the current property you are working with. You want to show Help information like the kind marked 2 in the accompanying figure. What should you do?
Press the F1 key.
A primary key ____.
uniquely identifies each record in a table
If you need to connect one table to another in related fields, use a _____.
common field
A primary key that consists of more than one field is called a ____ key.
Given a relationship between the two tables in the accompanying figure, the field values labeled 2 show ____ data.
Storing the same data field in multiple tables is called data ____.
When designing a new database, it is a good idea to ____.
avoid data redundancy
A field name ____.
must be unique within a table
When defining a database, the name given to a table or other object should reflect its ____.
Certain Access data types have a predefined field ____ that cannot be changed.
Calculations performed using the ____ data type are not subject to round-off error.
The ____ data type allows field values containing letters, digits, spaces, and special characters; it is used for long comments and explanations.
What data type has a field size of 1 to 65,535 characters (although the exact size is determined by the entry), and allows field values containing letters, digits, spaces, and special characters? It is also used for long comments and explanations.
Which of the following fields does not have a Field Size property?
none of the above - AutoNumber, Number, Text
When defining a field, the field ____ defines a field value's maximum storage size.
A field that consists of integer values that are controlled by Access is a(n) ____ type field.
The ____ property setting for number fields stores whole numbers from -32,768 to 32,767 in two bytes.
The ____ property setting for number fields establishes a unique identifier for the replication of tables, records, and other objects; it uses 16 bytes.
Replication ID
It would be wasteful to use the Long Integer setting when defining a field that will only store whole numbers ranging from 0 to 255 because the Long Integer setting will use ____ bytes of storage space
To create a new table, you should ____.
name the fields and define their properties, define the primary key, save the table structure - all of the above
To begin creating a new table, click the ____ tab on the Ribbon.
You move from text box to text box when designing a table in Design view by pressing the ____ key.
To change the way your data is displayed in a field, you can change the field's ____.
Format property
If you do not enter any value for a field, you have given the field a(n) ____ value.
If a table is defined with a primary key, Access will require you to enter a value for the key when adding a record in a process known as ____.
entity integrity
If no entry is the same as another, you are in a _____.
primary key field
After all primary key fields have been selected, you must click the ____ to complete the key definition.
Primary Key button in the Tools group on the Design tab
The last step in creating a table is to ____.
name the table and save its structure
You can specify a name for a table after you click the ____ button on the Quick Access Toolbar.
In the accompanying figure, the arrow labeled 3 is pointing to the ____.
Datasheet view button
In the accompanying figure, the arrow labeled 4 is pointing to the button used to ____.
remove a field as primary key, specify the composite key, specify the primary key - all of the above
You can modify an existing table's structure in ____.
Design view
The Relationships window in the accompanying figure can be used to do which of the following?
rearrange the layout of tables, change existing relationships, define relationships between tables - all of the above
The primary key in the Invoice table in the accompanying figure is ____.
When you change a field's property in Design view in Yuka's database, you can use this button to update the corresponding property on forms and reports that include the field you've modified.
Update, Propagate - both a and c
If you choose the ____, Access permits the change in value to the primary key and changes the appropriate foreign key values in the related table, thereby eliminating the possibility of inconsistent data in Yuka's database.
Cascade Update Related Fields option
For a special report, Tom wants his donation fields to display in a Currency format that does not display dollar signs, so he will use the ____ format.
Emma is setting up referential integrity in the database. Why would she not include the Cascade Delete Related Records option?
She can delete related records in Datasheet view, She will not need it to maintain the database, She might inadvertently delete records she did not intend to delete. - all of the above
Each ____ in the design grid contains specifications about a field you use in a query.
If there are related records in a related table, you can't delete a record in the primary table until you delete the ____.
related records first
You can't delete a record in a table if the table ____.
has a plus sign at the beginning of the record, has a minus sign at the beginning of a record - both b and c
A query defined in Access can ____.
display selected fields and records from one or more tables, sort records and perform calculations, generate data for forms and reports - all of the above
Queries can be created by using the Query ____, which prompts you for the information required to build the query.
To choose fields for a select query in Design view, _____.
double-click the fields in the field list, drag the field from the field list - both a and b
A(n) ____ query is a query based on more than one table
When viewing a two-table query in Design view, which is not an indicator of whether the tables have a one-to-many relationship?
the fact that you have not enforced referential integrity
When viewing a two-table query in Design view, which is not an indicator of whether the tables have a one-to-many relationship?
Which of the following field types may be specified as a sort field?
To use the sort buttons on the Ribbon to sort a query with multiple sort keys, the sort keys must be ____.
To use the sort buttons on the Ribbon to sort a query with multiple sort keys, the sort keys must be ____.
Filter By Selection
A selection condition that dictates that the value in the specified field must precisely match the condition is known as a(n) ____ match.
Operators used in selection criteria in a query, such as equal to, not equal to, or greater than, are known as ____ operators.
Access allows you to improve the appearance or readability of the results datasheet by changing the ____.
font type, column size, font size - all of the above
Multiple conditions can be defined to control which records are selected through the use of ____.
logical operators
The ____ operator will cause a record to be selected only if two or more conditions are satisfied.
Selection criteria that are placed in different rows in the query design grid indicate an ____ operator.
The query shown in the accompanying figure will select a record if ____.
City is Lansing and ContractAmt is greater than 25000
The ____ is a dialog box used to enter text, expressions, and other values.
Zoom box
A lengthy or complicated expression will normally be too large to be shown in its entirety in the ____ box.
A calculation can be defined in a query by typing it directly into a Field box in the ____.
design grid
Statistical information, such as totals and averages, can be calculated in a query by using a(n) ____.
aggregate function
The ____ operator is a comparison operator that allows you to check whether or not a particular field value is part of a list of values.
In ()
To indicate a pattern that includes wildcards, use _____.
Like "617*"
The symbols for the Access comparison operator for not equal to are _____.
When you run a query that contains a ____ field, Access evaluates the expression defined by the field and displays the resulting value in the query datasheet, form, or report.
What aggregate function supports both the Currency data type and the Yes/No data type?
In the accompanying figure, the options marked 1 are the ____ options.
The item featured in the accompanying figure is the ____ Pane menu.
If Yuka wants to quickly perform a calculation on the OLE Object field in her database using an aggregate function in a query datasheet, she can use the ____ function.
Yuka wants to change to an alternating background color for the rows in the Current Guitar Lesson datasheet. To do this she would use the ____ button.
Alternate Row Color
Martha would like to create a list of all the aerobics classes being held in the Red room and in the Blue room. Which of the following comparison operators would work?
In ("Red", "Blue")
Tom wants to create a single query to display the sum, average, and count of the Donation Value field for all donations. To do this, he must double-click the Donation Value field ____.
three times
To move from record to record in a form, you can use the ____.
navigation buttons
You use ____ view to view, enter, and maintain data in the table on which a form is based.
A form using all fields in a selected table can be created automatically using the ____.
Form tool
When using the Form Wizard, you can advance to a new dialog box by clicking the ____ button.
The second Form Wizard dialog box asks you to select a ____ for the form.
The Columnar and ____ layouts display the fields from one record at a time.
Columnar, Tabular, Datasheet, and Justified are ____ choices.
The Form Wizard allows you to select one of ____ layout types.
A picture is one of many ____ you can add to and modify on a form.
Bob needs to locate a particular customer record and view it in a form. What command would he use to locate the record?
Before you begin a Find operation on a form, you must first ____.
select a field
You specify the value you want to find in the ____ text box in the Find and Replace dialog box.
Find What
A search value can be an exact value or it can contain a ____.
wildcard character
The wildcard character ? in the search value a?t finds ____.
aft and ant and act and art
In Form view, you can ____.
all of the above - delete a record from the underlying table, add a new record to the table, edit the field values for a record
When a pencil symbol appears in the upper-left portion of the form, it means that the form ____.
is in editing mode
Access will only print ____.
as many form records as can fit on a printed page
When printing a form, you can choose to print ____.
all of the above - the currently selected form record, a range of pages, all pages
In ____ orientation, a page is wider than it is tall.
Which of the following is NOT included by default at the bottom of the page in the Report Wizard?
author's name
A form that accesses data from two tables has a main form and a(n) ____.
When you create a form containing data from two tables that have a one-to-many relationship, you create a(n) ____ for data from the primary table.
main form
In the accompanying figure, the arrow labeled 2 is pointing to the ____.
related table
In the accompanying figure, the arrow labeled 3 is pointing to the fields that will be on the ____.
main form
In the accompanying figure, what is the next step in the wizard?
Select the layout for the subform
Access can assist you in creating a report by using the ____.
Report Wizard
____ levels are useful for reports with multiple levels.
You can toggle between a close-up view or a full-page view of your report in ____ by using the pointer.
Print Preview
Item 1 in the accompanying figure identifies the ____.
fields from the primary table
The fields from the ____ table are identified by item 2 in the accompanying figure.
Before applying a conditional format, you must select a ____.
field value box
Martha is concerned that her form data may be longer in length than the size of the field control. To check this, she should use ____.
Print Preview
Griffin wants to create a form in which only the main form fields are displayed and not the fields from the subform. What option should he select in the Form Wizard?
Linked forms
Emma is wondering about creating a report for the GEM database that is based on a query. Which of the following is NOT true?
She should consider creating the report first and then basing the query on that report, to produce the exact results she wants to see in the report.