AICE Marine Unit 15

what is the application of biological processes for industrial and other purposes
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define genotypespecific genes of an organismdefine phenotypethe physical appearance or particular character of an organismwhat is an alternative form of a single gene passed from generation to generationallelan organism with two different alleles for a particular trait is whatheterozygouswhat do you think are the two macromolecules used most commonly for biotechnologyproteins and nucleic acidswhat comes after DNARNAwhat comes after RNAproteinwhat is the copying of the information contained in one segment or gene within the DNA into an RNA moleculetranscriptionwhat is the "reading" of the information contained in an RNA molecule to make a proteintranslationThe first step in protein synthesis is what, which occurs in the whattranscription, nucleusWhat acts as a means of regulating the expression of the genepromoterswhat indicates the place at which the process or transcription should startpromotersWhat is the first organisms to be genetically modified using recombinant DNA technologyGenetically Modified OrganismWhat is the most commonly used method of introducing a new gene into the host celluse a virus as a vector for gene transferWhat happens inside the host cell with a new geneit may attach to the DNA but will do so more or less in a random placeBefore the transfer of certain genes, what may be attacheda promoterwhat is DNA that has been formed artificially by combining constituents from other organismsrecombinant DNAwhat protein exhibits bright green fluorescent when exposed to light in the blue or ultraviolet rangeGreen Fluorescent Protein (GFP)