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  1. quixotism
  2. veracity
  3. indolence
  4. civil duties
  5. culprit
  1. a visionary temerity, based on ill considered idealism
  2. b truthfulness
  3. c normal obligations of a citizen
  4. d an offender, someone to blame for a crime or fault
  5. e love of ease, laziness

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  1. condemn or abuse violently angrily
  2. irregular, abnormal, unexpected
  3. artistic truth
  4. goes beyond presumption
  5. too willing to believe, so easily decieved

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  1. somnolencelove of ease, laziness


  2. moralespirit, state of courage or confidence


  3. inertnessinactivity in a person or substance


  4. philanthropydeeds, gifts, benefactions on a large scale


  5. ardentchange