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  1. verisimilitude
  2. undulate
  3. ethereal
  4. civil service
  5. quixotism
  1. a to rise and fall evenly like waves
  2. b artistic truth
  3. c nonmilitary service in gov
  4. d visionary temerity, based on ill considered idealism
  5. e light, airy, delicate, angelic, celestial

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  1. shameless boldness, espec in personal confrontatin
  2. rashness, reckless boldness
  3. assertiveness that goes beyond one's apparent rights or abilities
  4. irregular, abnormal, unexpected
  5. spirit, state of courage or confidence

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  1. futileuseless, ineffectual


  2. imposturegoes beyond presumption


  3. fluctuationrise and fall, continual variation


  4. capriciousnessinactivity, sluggishness, passivity,


  5. vituperativecondemn or abuse violently angrily