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  1. benevolence
  2. culprit
  3. civil service
  4. inertness
  5. utilitarianism
  1. a nonmilitary service in gov
  2. b philosophy which takes as its practial goal the maximum happiness for the most people
  3. c inactivity in a person or substance
  4. d an offender, someone to blame for a crime or fault
  5. e well wishing, may imply charitable deeds

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  1. reason with earnestly
  2. useless, ineffectual
  3. normal obligations of a citizen
  4. rashness, reckless boldness
  5. personal, revenge

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  1. veracitybold courage, daring, or impudence


  2. indolencewell wishing, may imply charitable deeds


  3. fluctuationdefect in character or vision which causes deviation from what s normal, right, logical


  4. reciminatecounter accuse


  5. philanthropyusefulness, something useful