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  1. utilitarianism
  2. subterfuge
  3. percipient
  4. ethereal
  5. imposture
  1. a goes beyond presumption
  2. b a trick, scheme,or artifice (to escape something unpleasant)
  3. c light, airy, delicate, angelic, celestial
  4. d philosophy which takes as its practial goal the maximum happiness for the most people
  5. e sees clearly, keenly or readily

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  1. to waver in one's mnd, to be irresolute
  2. inactivity in a person or substance
  3. blameworthy, deserving blame
  4. reason with earnestly
  5. of a citizen or state, polite

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  1. celestialheavenly, of the sky


  2. vituperativecondemn or abuse violently angrily


  3. futileuseless, ineffectual


  4. complacementfervent or zealous, burning, passionate,vehement


  5. civil servicenormal obligations of a citizen


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