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  1. percipient
  2. eccentric
  3. incipient
  4. culpable
  5. alter
  1. a in the early or beginning stages
  2. b change
  3. c odd, peculiar; off-center
  4. d sees clearly, keenly or readily
  5. e blameworthy, deserving blame

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  1. sky, firmament, or heaven. literally, the place of pure light or fire
  2. self-satisfied, contented, smug
  3. visionary temerity, based on ill considered idealism
  4. to waver in one's mnd, to be irresolute
  5. sluggishness, drowsiness, lack of energy

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  1. subterfugeconclusion, deduction


  2. retributionmerited punishment, requital


  3. civil dutiesnonmilitary service in gov


  4. fluctuationrise and fall, continual variation


  5. vengeance, retaliation, reprisaldefect in character or vision which causes deviation from what s normal, right, logical