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  1. civil
  2. ruse
  3. capriciousness
  4. impudence
  5. somnolence
  1. a shameless and often wanton boldness
  2. b of a citizen or state, polite
  3. c unpredictable behavior
  4. d a trick more to mislead than outwit
  5. e drowsiness or sleepiness

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  1. visionary temerity, based on ill considered idealism
  2. willingness to believe
  3. deeds, gifts, benefactions on a large scale
  4. bold courage, daring, or impudence
  5. kindly, gentle and mild

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  1. fluctuationdefect in character or vision which causes deviation from what s normal, right, logical


  2. reuitaluseless, ineffectual


  3. futileuseless, ineffectual


  4. vacillateto waver in one's mnd, to be irresolute


  5. creduloustoo willing to believe, so easily decieved