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  1. undulate
  2. ardent
  3. idiosyncrasies
  4. morale
  5. culpable
  1. a minor peculiarities of personal behavior
  2. b to rise and fall evenly like waves
  3. c spirit, state of courage or confidence
  4. d fervent or zealous, burning, passionate,vehement
  5. e blameworthy, deserving blame

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  1. unpredictable behavior
  2. light, airy, delicate, angelic, celestial
  3. goes beyond presumption
  4. false reasoning, mistaken idea
  5. too willing to believe, so easily decieved

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  1. manuever or stratagemcondemn or abuse violently angrily


  2. anomaloustoo willing to believe, so easily decieved


  3. vengeance, retaliation, reprisaldefect in character or vision which causes deviation from what s normal, right, logical


  4. quixotismvisionary temerity, based on ill considered idealism


  5. reuitala trick more to mislead than outwit