Six Steps of the Health Care Communication Process

Set Communication Goals
Determine what is to be accomplished:
- Consider patient needs
- Consider current circumstances
- Consider the duties assigned to the health care professional

- Demonstrate sincere concern for the patient's welfare
- Establish trust
- Enhance the patient's self-esteem
Create The Message
Select and organize appropriate content based on the communication goals:

- Organize long messages so they are easy for receiver to follow
- Rank information in order of importance
- List a sequence of steps for the patient to follow
- State facts and follow each with an explanation
Deliver The Message
Choose the delivery method best suited for ensuring that the receiver will understand the intent of the message.
Listen to the Response
Employ listening and observational techniques to determine whether the message was received as intended
Offer Feeback and Seek Clarification
Rephrase what is heard or ask questions to check your understanding of the response.

- Paraphasing
- Reflecting
- Asking questions
- Requesting examples
Evalute the Encounter and Revise the Message
Determine whether the goal was met.

If not, why not?
What other options are available?
What should be the next step?