APES Unit 4 Test Pt. 3: Questions

Electrical energy is generated by kinetic energy moving a turbine which then works a generator
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What wastes the most energy?Incandescent light bulbsWhat is true about the trend in WindpowerOver the last 20 years the cost of wind power has decreased as the cost of electricity has increasedPossible sources of hydrogen fuelThe removal of hydrogen from nothing and gasoline using fossil fuels Geothermal energy used for electrolysis removing hydrogen from water Wind turbines to decompose water into hydrogen Genetically modified bacteria and algae producing hydrogen in bioreactorsThe following allow for natural cooling buildingsAwnings or plantings of deciduous trees in front of Windows Planting of living roofs Geothermal heat pumps High efficiency windowsA common means of reducing dependence on fuel wood biomass and thereby reduce deforestation is to implement the use ofSolar cookersEfficiency can be improved byInsulated walls and roofs Low wattage compact fluorescent or LED light bulbs Cogeneration of heat and power Using thermostats with timers on household heating/cooling that alter settings while occupants are sleepingWhen considering the large scale hydropower the disadvantage of causing the least environmental impact would beChange of job sources in the areaWhat is considered to be the main disadvantage of using hydrogen fuelCurrent technology leaves us with a low negative net energyBenefit of using bioguelsCO2 emissions are considered carbon neutralWhich sources depend on energy from the sunWind, dammed rivers, dammed ocean coves, solarWhat has the highest EROIWind powerPossible alternative automobile fuels includeHydrogen, ethanol, biodiesel, methanolHydroelectric facility that takes in only some of the rivers water rather than damming the entire river is known asA diversion plantSegments of layered semiconductor sheets that produce electrical current when exposed to light are technically known asPhotovoltaic cells