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Handout on 2/22/2010. Fill in the blanks

____________is a legal form signed by the patient, that allows for the forwarding of confidential patient information to be released to another provider or carrier

release of information

person who has legal responsibility for a minor child or incompetent adult is known as a ______________________-

guardian (legal guardian)

_____________covers all outpatient care and health care provider services

medicare part b

_____________________are physical or mental conditions that existed prior to the effective date of an insurance policy

pre-existing condition

_______________is unauthorized release of confidential patient information to a third party

breach of confidentiality

the most important entry on the patient registration form is the _____________. without it, no information can be used by the practice even for billing purposes

patient signature

__________represent factors influencing health status or reasons for contacting the health care facility

v codes

the highest amount that the insurance company will pay for medical claims during a specific time period:______________ this amount is set either on a yearly basis of for the lifetime of the policy

maximum benefits

__________________-is the condition considered to be the major health condition/status for the patient for this date of service. SUBMITTED CLAIM

primary diagnosis

______________is an alphanumeric coding system designed by the health care financing administration as a supplement to the CPT codes


________________means physical disorders present at the same time as the primary diagnosis that alters the course of treatment required

concurrent condition

__________any 12-month period used by business for its' annual financial accounting cycle

fiscal year

___________________is a centrally administered program of coordinated inpatient and outpatient services to serve terminally ill patients and their families


________________-benefits cover inpatient admission to the hospital, skilled nursing facility service, hospital care, and blood transfusions

medicare part a

________________-is a policy designed to cover services for chronic medical problems or catastrophic out-of-pocket medical expenses

major medical

________________is a demand form payment of covered medical expenses sent to an insurance carrier


____________________are codes that represent external causes of injury and poisoning. thay are not primary diagnosis codes

E codes

______________________is the average fee charged by comparable doctors in the same geographical area

customary fee

___________________-s deliberate misrepresentation of facts


_____________________can be written or verbal. it is best to have this consent in writing, and the original is kept in the patient's medical record because it is a legal document

expressed consent

__________________is obtained by the provider to cover financial liability when the doctor is sued. it does not protect the doctor from being sued

malpractice insurance

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