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Wednesday Wars - Chap. 1-2

What school did Holling attend and where was it located?
He attended Camillo Junior High in Long Island, New York.
Why was Doug Swieteck a better choice to be hated by teachers?
He made up a list of 410 ways to make a teacher hate you.
At what point on Doug's list did things get illegal?
What happened one day before Doug Swieteck returned to school?
Mrs. Sidman took an administrative position in the office.
If your last name ended with berg, zog, or stein, where did you live?
On the North Side
If your last name ended with elli, ini, or o where did you live?
On the South Side
Why did father say their house was the perfect house?
Because it was right in the middle of town, not north or south
Why did Mrs. Baker only have one student on Wednesday afternoons?
On Wednesday afternoons, half of her class went to Hebrew School at Temple Beth-El while the other half left for Catechism at Saint Adelbert's. That left Holling, a Presbyterian, as her only student.
Who was narrating the story?
Holling Hoodhood
What did Holling think about eating when he got home?
Twinkies and chocolate milk
Why did no one ever use the "Perfect Living Room?"
Because the furniture was covered in plastic
What type of work did Holling's father do?
He was an architect.
What was he not supposed to know his mother did?
What were they listening for Walker Cronkite to report?
The new casualty figures from Vietnam
Why did dad think Mrs. Baker was important?
She was a member of the Baker family who owned Baker Sporting Emporium and dad's architecture company was one of the companies bidding to design the new sport's emporium.
What book had Holling read four times?
Treasure Island
Why did Holling's school have coat closets instead of lockers?
His middle school used to be an elementary school and they still used the closets from that school.
What did Holling worry that Mrs. Baker may have done as he watched her walk toward his desk?
Booby-trap it.
Who had the reputation for being the meanest kid at Camillo Junior High?
Doug Swieteck's brother
Who did Holling "take out" during a recess soccer ball game by "leaving his right foot behind"?
Doug Swieteck's brother
Why did Mrs. Baker give Mai Thi a very short sentence to diagram?
Mai Thi arrived from Viet Nam a few months earlier and knew very little English.
What suggestion did Mrs. Baker send Principal Guareshi concerning Holling Hoodhood?
Mrs. Baker suggested that Holling spend his Wednesday afternoons retaking sixth grade mathematics.
List four classroom chores Holling performed for Mrs. Baker on Wednesday afternoons in September and October.
Washed the blackboards, straightened the dictionaries, pounded the erasers outside against the brick wall, put up bulletin boards, swept cobwebs from the ceiling, wiped the grime from the lower half of the windows, and cleaned out the coat room.
What was an example of a lunch that was too vile to eat?
Liverwurst sandwiches
What didn't Holling clean out of the coat room?
Doug's stash for number 166.
What was in Doug's stash?
A box of tapioca pudding, a bag of marshmallows, a half-dozen ragged feathers, a bottle of red ink, and a plastic bag with something awful in it.
What were the signs of autumn?
The afternoon light changed to mellow and full yellows, air turned sweet and cool, people burned leaves.
What did Doug Swieteck's brother do to "act out" in front of his mom and teacher?
Banged erasers on his brother's head and stuck sticks of chalk in his mouth to look like he had had fangs.
What job did Mrs. Sidman hold before Holling's "soccer game incident"?
She was the playground monitor.
What doesn't mean all that much when you hate someone?
Truth, justice, and the American Way
On the way to Mr. Petrelli's class, what did Mrs. Baker do that worried Holling?
She smiled at him.
Why were Mr. Petrelli's hands stained blue?
They were blue from the ditto machine and taking the copies out wet.
Who did Holling always choose to be his study partner?
Meryl Lee Kowolski
What were the pastries for?
The Wives of Vietnam Soldiers' gathering.
What task required Holling to make twelve trips up three flights of stairs?
Mrs. Baker had Holling carry twelve dozen cream puffs from the school's kitchen to her classroom.
What happened to the pastries set aside for the Wives of Vietnam Soldiers' gathering?
Chalk dust accidentally settled on them.
What did Mrs. Bigio, the school cook, have in common with Mrs. Baker?
Both had husbands who were soldiers serving in Viet Nam.
What was painted on Heather Hoodhood's cheek when she sat down for supper?
A bright yellow flower
Why did Holling's classmates demand he bring them all cream puffs?
Meryl Lee overheard him tell Mrs. Baker he didn't need another cream puff. Word spread and they demanded cream puffs too.
After the "cream puff accident," how did Mrs. Baker begin using her Wednesday afternoons with Holling?
Mrs. Baker began reading Shakespeare with him.
Who were Sycorax and Caliban?
They were the classroom's pet rats.