15 terms

Odyssey Vocabulary 2

augury (noun)
an omen or prophecy
bulwark (noun)
a strong defense
conspicuous (adj.)
obvious to the eye or mind, noticeable
dissemble (verb)
to disguise or pretend
artful (adj.)
skillful, clever, tricky
acclaim (verb)
praise, approval; to salute, to hail
elucidate (verb)
to make clear, to explain
circumspect (adj.)
careful to consider consequences, cautious, prudent
brazen (adj.)
shameless, insolent, disrespectful
contempt (noun)
scorn, extreme dislike or disdain
ethereal (adj.)
heavenly, unusually delicate, light, lacking material substance, intangible
beguile (verb)
to deceive, to mislead, to persuade with charm
formidable (adj.)
menacing, causing fear or awe
compliance (noun)
a yielding; acquiescence
flourish (verb)
to thrive; to grow well