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  1. invasive species
  2. indigenous species
  3. ecological succession
  4. respiration
  5. natural selection
  1. a an introduced, nonnative species
  2. b survival of the fittest
  3. c transition in species composition of a biological community, usually by a disturbance in community.
  4. d species that originates from the area it lives in
  5. e where animals and plants breathe and give off CO2 from cellular metabolism

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  1. production of ammonia or ammonium compounds in the decomposition of organic matter by bacteria
  2. no 2 species can occupy same niche at same time
  3. releasing water vapor through stomata of plants or pores
  4. relationship where both species benefit
  5. there is a greater species diversity and biological density than in the center of the ecological community

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  1. tertiary consumersorganisms that consume producers (plants and algae)


  2. predation1 species feeds off another


  3. reservoirwhere large quantity of resources sits for long time


  4. nitrogen fixation(nitrogen cycle step 1) conversion of atmospheric nitrogen into compounds (ammonium)


  5. fundamental nicheno competition