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  1. Gross Primary Productivity
  2. combustion
  3. population
  4. niche
  5. energy pyramid
  1. a 10% of energy is transferred from 1 level to the next, 90% given off as heat, respiration, digestion, etc.
  2. b burning
  3. c group of organisms of same species and same area
  4. d amount of sugar that plants produce in photosynthesis ------ amount of energy that plant needs for growth, repair, etc.
  5. e total sum of species' use of resources in environment

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  1. complex interrelated food chains
  2. # and variety of organisms in an area (ecosystem) more of it leads to better adaptability and chances of survival
  3. organisms that consume primary consumers
  4. organisms that are capable of interbreeding with 1 another but unable to with other species
  5. feeding levels on food chain

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  1. climax communitystable, mature community that reaches equilibrium after having evolved through stages and adapted to its environment


  2. natural selectionreleasing water vapor through stomata of plants or pores


  3. detritivoredependent on other complex organisms for food


  4. ecozoneswhere 2 ecosystems meet


  5. primary successionorganisms that consume producers (plants and algae)


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