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  1. symbiotic relationships
  2. tertiary consumers
  3. niche
  4. photosynthesis
  5. biomagnification
  1. a close, prolonged associations between 2 or more different organisms of different species that may, but not necessarily, benefit
  2. b organisms that consume secondary consumers or other tertiary consumers
  3. c carbs are synthesized from CO2 and H2O using light as energy source
  4. d process where concentration of toxic substances increase in each successive length in food chain.
  5. e total sum of species' use of resources in environment

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  1. pioneer organisms, settle uninhabitable area and decomposes rocks to turn to soil, later lose to immigrants
  2. 10% of energy is transferred from 1 level to the next, 90% given off as heat, respiration, digestion, etc.
  3. accumulation of a substance in various tissues of a living organism
  4. (nitrogen cycle step 1) conversion of atmospheric nitrogen into compounds (ammonium)
  5. burning

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  1. predationgroup of organisms of same species and same area


  2. edge effectwhere large quantity of resources sits for long time


  3. communityburning


  4. climax communitystable, mature community that reaches equilibrium after having evolved through stages and adapted to its environment


  5. biodiversityorganism that can convert radiant energy or chemical energy to carbs