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  1. primary consumers
  2. respiration
  3. food web
  4. niche
  5. transpiration
  1. a organisms that consume producers (plants and algae)
  2. b where animals and plants breathe and give off CO2 from cellular metabolism
  3. c releasing water vapor through stomata of plants or pores
  4. d complex interrelated food chains
  5. e total sum of species' use of resources in environment

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  1. survival of the fittest
  2. where 2 ecosystems meet
  3. transition in species composition of a biological community, usually by a disturbance in community.
  4. process where concentration of toxic substances increase in each successive length in food chain.
  5. when a species settles for a smaller niche after battling against another species

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  1. trophic levelorganism that can convert radiant energy or chemical energy to carbs


  2. indigenous speciesan introduced, nonnative species


  3. pioneer speciesorganisms in first stage of succession


  4. ammonificationproduction of ammonia or ammonium compounds in the decomposition of organic matter by bacteria


  5. populationgroup of organisms of same species and same area