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  1. Law of Conservation of Matter
  2. habitat fragmentation
  3. population
  4. pioneer species
  5. natural selection
  1. a group of organisms of same species and same area
  2. b organisms in first stage of succession
  3. c size of an organism's natural habitat is reduced or human civilization occurs
  4. d matter cannot be created nor destroyed
  5. e survival of the fittest

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  1. # and variety of organisms in an area (ecosystem) more of it leads to better adaptability and chances of survival
  2. relationship where 1 is helped, and 1 is harmed
  3. releasing water vapor through stomata of plants or pores
  4. no 2 species can occupy same niche at same time
  5. burning

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  1. assimilationwhere animals and plants breathe and give off CO2 from cellular metabolism


  2. lichenspioneer organisms, settle uninhabitable area and decomposes rocks to turn to soil, later lose to immigrants


  3. nitrogen fixation(nitrogen cycle step 1) conversion of atmospheric nitrogen into compounds (ammonium)


  4. respirationreleasing water vapor through stomata of plants or pores


  5. primary consumersorganisms that consume secondary consumers or other tertiary consumers