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  1. pioneer species
  2. mutualism
  3. combustion
  4. gause's principle
  5. predation
  1. a no 2 species can occupy same niche at same time
  2. b 1 species feeds off another
  3. c burning
  4. d relationship where both species benefit
  5. e organisms in first stage of succession

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  1. # and variety of organisms in an area (ecosystem) more of it leads to better adaptability and chances of survival
  2. complex interrelated food chains
  3. formed from populations of different species occupying the same geographic area
  4. the amount of time a resource spends in a reservoir or an exchange pool
  5. group of organisms of same species and same area

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  1. energy pyramidwhere animals and plants breathe and give off CO2 from cellular metabolism


  2. parasitismrelationship where 1 is helped, and 1 is harmed


  3. edge effectsmaller regions in ecosystems that share similar physical features


  4. ecozonessmaller regions in ecosystems that share similar physical features


  5. biomagnificationprocess where concentration of toxic substances increase in each successive length in food chain.