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  1. age-structure pyramids
  2. carrying capacity
  3. stable population
  4. emigration
  5. rule-of-70
  1. a can predict long-term population growth (70/current growth=population will double in x years)
  2. b movement of individuals out of a population
  3. c graphical representations of populations' ages (p90)
  4. d max population size that can be supported by available resources region
  5. e varies slightly above and below its carrying capacity over time

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  1. leave city and into suburbs
  2. prohibit trading and commerce of species endangered or threatened
  3. natural rate of extinction
  4. vegetation is slashed and area is burned before being planted with crops
  5. fraction of solar energy reflected back into space

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  1. tree farmsfires that only burn forest's underbrush and don't damage mature trees; they help because they prevent bigger fires by removing underbrush that would otherwise burn quicker at high temps.


  2. tailingsflat platforms on the hillside that creates level ground and reduces soil runoff from the slopes


  3. phosphorous cycleabsorbs nutrients from nonliving organic matter (including waste!) and converts it into inorganic forms. ex: bacteria and fungi


  4. biodiversity hot spotDIVERSE region that faces severe threats and has lost 70%+ of original vegetation


  5. logistic population growthpopulations are well below size dictated by carrying capacity, and then they grow exponentially