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  1. Law of the Minimum
  2. terracing
  3. emigration
  4. birth rate
  5. Second Harvest
  1. a movement of individuals out of a population
  2. b living organisms will continue to live, and consume available materials until the supply of materials is exhausted.
  3. c charitable agency that distributes food that would otherwise go to waste
  4. d live births per 1,000 members of the population each year
  5. e flat platforms on the hillside that creates level ground and reduces soil runoff from the slopes

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  1. max population size that can be supported by available resources region
  2. pop. doubles in short time
  3. organisms reproduce early in life and have high capacity for reproductive growth
  4. varies slightly above and below its carrying capacity over time
  5. graphical representations of populations' ages (p90)

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  1. immigrationmovement of individuals out of a population


  2. population densitynumber of individuals of a population that inhabit a certain unit of land or water


  3. silviculturelive births per 1,000 members of the population each year


  4. total fertility rate# of children couple must have to replace themselves in population


  5. biotic potentialpop. doubles in short time