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  1. total fertility rate
  2. significant factors of human population growth
  3. tree farms
  4. k-selected
  5. irruptive population
  1. a availability of clean water, improved sanitation systems, and medical care
  2. b plantations that manage trees of the same age and harvested
  3. c organisms that reproduce later in life, fewer offspring, and heavily nurture offspring
  4. d very large, then very small
  5. e # of children an average woman will bear during lifetime; based on analyzing data from past

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  1. each family in a community plats crops for themselves and harvest with labor by themselves or with animals
  2. varies slightly above and below its carrying capacity over time
  3. live births per 1,000 members of the population each year
  4. the cyclic movement of phosphorus in different chemical forms from the environment to organisms and then back to the environment
  5. chaotic

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  1. emigrationmovement of individuals to a population


  2. genetic driftrandom fluctuations in frequency of seeing a gene in a small, isolated population. Due to chance, not natural selection


  3. Marine Mammal Protection Actchaotic


  4. Law of Toleranceliving organisms will continue to live, and consume available materials until the supply of materials is exhausted.


  5. Second Harvestcharitable agency that distributes food that would otherwise go to waste