Access Review

The characteristics of a field, such as name, size, and type, are called the field _______.
The _______ determines what type of values can be entered for a field.
Data Type
Which view would you select if you wanted to define a table yourself from start to finish?
Design View
When designing a database, you need to identify the ________ that will be required.
If you need to connect one table to another in related fields, use a __________.
Common Field
A table can be logically connected to another table by defining a __________.
Common Field
If a primary key from one table is also defined in a second table to form a relationship, the field is called a ________ in the second table.
Foreign Key
A field name _______.
Must be unique within a table
Certain Access data types have a predefined field ________ that cannot be changed.
The ________ data type allows field values containing letters, digits, spaces, and special characters; it is used for long comments and explanations.
For the _______ data type, Access automatically assigns either a sequential or random numbering field.
Auto Number
Which of the following fields does not have a Field Size property? (Text, Number, and AutoNumber Fields DO)
When defining a field, the field _________ defines a field value's maximum storage size.
The field size of a Date/Time type of field is _______.
8 Bytes
To create a new table, you should __________.
All of the Above
A table's primary key is ________.
Indicated by a key symbol in the row selector area
You can modify an existing table's structure in ___________.
Design View
A field defined as a Yes/No field type will be displayed as _________.
A check box
When you are constructing a query, you can see the results at any time by clicking the ________ button.
The fields and selection criteria for a query are included in the ________.
Design Grid
Using ____, you give Access an example of the information you are requesting; Access then retrieves the information that precisely matches your example.
If there are related records in a related table, you can't delete a record in the primary table until you delete the _______.
Related Records First
In order to delete a record in a table, you must first
Delete any related records in a subdatasheet.
A query defined in Access can _______.
All of the Above
Generalized queries that specify fields and records to be selected are called ______ queries.
When a query is run, the datasheet contents are ______.
You can automatically include all of the fields in a table in a query by _______ the asterisk that appears in the Field List box in Query Design view.
A(n) ______ query is a query based on more than one table.
A ______ datasheet is temporary and its contents are based on the criteria you establish in the design grid.
You can tell Access which records are to be selected by specifying a(n) ______.
A selection condition that dictates the value in the specified field must precisely match the condition known as a(n) ______ match.
Operators used in selection criteria in a query, such as equal to, not equal to, or greater than are known as _______ operators.
Selection criteria that are placed in different rows in the query design grid indicted an ______ operator.
Calculations can be performed in a query by defining a(n) _________.
A calculation can be defined in a query by typing it directly into a field box in the _____.
Design Grid
Statistical information, such as totals and averages, can be calculated in a query by using a(n) ________.
Aggregate Function
To indicate a pattern that includes wildcards use ______.
When you run a query that contains a ____ field, Access evaluates the expression defined by the field and displays the resulting value in the query, datasheet, form or report.
______ functions operate the record that meet a query's selection criteria.
What aggregate function supports both the Currency data type and the Yes/No data type?
To move from record to record in a form, you can use the _____.
Navigation Buttons
You use ______ view to view, enter, and maintain data in the table on which a form is based.
A from using all fields in a selected table can be created automatically using the ______.
Form Tool
A form that shows only one record at a time has a _______ layout
A form can be used to display fields from multiple records at one time by specifying the ______ layout.
In ______ view, you cannot make any design changes to a form.
To change a form's appearance, you can easily apply a new ______ to it.
A picture is one of may _______ you can add to an modify on a form.
A(n) ______ is an item on a form, report, or other database object that you can manipulate to modify the object's appearance.
Before you begin a Find operation on a form, you must first ________.
Select a Field
A search value can be an exact value or it can contain a _________.
Wildcard Character
The wildcard character ? in the search value a?t finds __________.
Act, Aft, Ant, Apt, and Art
To find the names Johnson, Johnston and Johnstone in form records, use _________.
Maintaining data using a form is often easier than using a(n) __________ because you can focus on all the changes for a single record at one time.
When a pencil symbol appears in the upper-left portion of the form, it means that the form __________.
Is in Editing Mode
When printing a form, you can choose to print ________.
All of the Above
In ________ orientation, a page is wider than it is taller.
A form that accesses data from two tables has a main form and a(n) _____.
When creating a form that accesses data from two tables, Access uses the defined _____ to join the tables.
Creating a form to access data from two tables requires that the tables ________.
Be Related
When you create a from containing data from two tables that have a one-to-many relationship, you create a(n) _________ for data from the primary table.
Main Form
In a form created to access two tables, there is/ are ______ navigation buttons displayed.
Two Sets Of
In the Report Wizard dialogue box in which you choose a grouped or ungrouped report, you can display tips for creating reports and examples of reports by clicking the _______ button.
Show Me More Information
By default, the Report Wizard arranges selected data grouped by ______.
Ascending Order
When you point to a theme in the gallery of themes, a ______ displays the names of database objects that use that theme.
The first step in organizing data into a database is to identify the individual _____.
The content of any given field is the ______.
Field Value
All related fields can be grouped together as a(n) ______.
Data from separate tables can be connected by specifying a _________.
Common Field
A field or combination of fields, that has a unique value is a ________.
Primary Key
Every foreign key must _______.
Match the Field value of a Primary Key in a Related Table
Which of the following can be use in a field name?
A ______ is a question you ask about data stored in a database.
A form is used to ______.
Enter, edit, and view records in a database
The _______ quickly creates a form containing all the fields in the table (or query) on which you are basing the form.
Form Tool
Selecting data by means of a query _________.
Displays only the data that matches the query selection criteria
When you create a query, the records are listed ______.
In order by the primary key field
__________ a database rearranges data and objects in a database to make its size smaller.
You can make a ______ copy of a database file to protect your database against loss or damage.