14 terms

FCE Use of English - Part 1 (Multiple Choice)

You can't ignore this problem any longer. You have to ___________ with it so we can go on with the plan.
a. deal
b. do
c. solve
d. beat
I don't like watching soap operas and films on TV. I prefer documentaries with ____________ people talking about their lives.
a. reality
b. real
c. authentic
d. genuine
Has someone moved the drinks _________ the table while I was gone? I'm sure that glass in front of Peter was mine.
a. off
b. along
c. around
d. on
We couldn't find the hotel and it was getting dark ______________ we got out a a. a. so
b. and
c. but
d. if
Well, according to the timetable, a bus should be along _______________ in two minutes. But I wouldn't be surprised if we had to wait another half an hour!
a. less
b. below
c. about
d. round
Martin Jones, _______________ as the Gentle Bank Robber during his three-year reign, was jailed for 25 years today at the Central Court.
a. named
b. reputed
c. called
d. known
Don't wash that sweater in hot water, ____________ it will shrink.
a. unless
b. if
c. moreover
d. otherwise
_______________ the holiday, we had the most wonderful weather imaginable. Sunshine all the way!
a. along
b. throughout
c. moreover
d. all in all
Police arrested a man late last night in connection with the murder. Police expect to charge the _________________ later this morning.
a. guilty
b. suspect
c. condemned
d. arrested
You are the only person in this company who __________________ access to both the staff phone list and the bank information of every employee. Please remember it is a huge responsibility.
a. has
b. takes
c. opens
d. sees
We got home to find the children _____________ down the marble hallway in their socks.
a. sliding
b. skidding
c. falling
d. crashing
He's taken my bag! Just when you need a policeman, there isn't a single one in ______________ !
a. vision
b. sight
c. reach
d. existence
Why are you blaming your sister? In my opinion, you are _____________ to blame for this accident!
a. strongly
b. dominantly
c. entirely
d. freely
This house is so old now. When it rains, the windows leak and the roof needs to be replaced soon. ______________ , we love it and would never move to another.

a. nevertheless
b. although
c. though
d. despite