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Definition of integers
All whole numbers and their opposites
What is the absolute value of a number?
The distance a number is from zero
Opposite of -7
Opposite of 6
Absolute Value of | -199 |
Which integer represents a DECREASE of 11 points?
Which integer represents 30 feet below sea level?
Which integer represents a DEPOSIT of $200?
Which integer represents a WITHDRAWAL of $50?
Graph these integers on a number line: -1, 0, 2, -5.
Graph these integers on a number line: -6, -1, 1, -4.

** HINT: First find the absolute value of -8. Then use the negative sign that is outside of the absolute value bars.
Positive integers
Integers above zero on a number line.
Negative Integers
Integers below zero on a number line.
A number that is neither positive nor negative and does not have an opposite.