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Independent uses of main clause subjunctives - latin

from the sheet
ad forum festinemus.
Jussive - Let us hurry to the forum.
ne donum redeant.
Jussive - Let them not return home.
quid faciamus?
Deliberative - What should we do?
utrum hic maneam an domum redeam?
Deliberative - Should I stay here or return home?
utinam diu vivas semperque valeas
Optative - May you live long and always be healthy.
utinam pater meus adesset.
Optative - I wish my father were here.
utinam ne in periculum incidamus
Optative - May we not fall into danger.
velim hoc facere.
Potential - I would like to do this.
non ausim pugnare.
Potential - I would not dare to fight.