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Four Documents that Influenced the Founders​


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Mayflower Compact
The agreement among most of the men aboard the Mayflower to form a government once ashore is known as the __________.
The group of Pilgrims that founded Plymouth Plantation in 1620 crossed the Atlantic in what ship?
English Bill of Rights
__________ - the 1689 act of Parliament that was part of the Glorious Revolution that removed King James II from the throne and further limited the power of future monarchs to interfere in elections, trials or the freedom of religion for protestants.
Petition of Right
The __________ (1628) was an act of Parliament that restricted the King's ability to tax without Parliamentary approval, to quarter soldiers in private homes, to arbitrarily imprison people, and to impose martial law during peacetime.
English King __________ was forced to sign the Magna Carta at Runnymede by a group of rebellious Barons who wanted to restrict what they saw as his abuse of power.
The Magna Carta was signed in _________ A.D.
Magna Carta
__________ - 1215 document that theoretically limited the power of the English king.
Parliament passed the English Bill of Rights in what year?
English Bill of Rights
The right to bear arms, freedom of speech, and freedom from cruel and unusual punishment were all rights guaranteed to English subjects in what 1689 document?
Mayflower Compact
Basically a promise to work together for the good of the group, 41 Pilgrims aboard a ship bound for America signed what document in 1620?
Magna Carta
What document was signed in 1215 by King John of England?
Thomas Paine
Who wrote Common Sense, a pamphlet published in January of 1776, which called for independence from Great Britain.
Common Sense
Pamphlet written by Thomas Paine, which argued for independence from Great Britain.
Magna Carta
__________ a government document that limited the power of the king of England and protected the rights of the nobility; written by the English nobles in 1215 (civics360.org).
Habeas corpus
__________ - the principle that the government has to provide a cause or reason for holding a person in jail (civics360.org).
Common law
__________ - law based on customs and prior legal decisions; used in civil cases (civics360.org).
English Bill of Rights
__________ - a government document that expanded the powers of the English Parliament and expanded the rights of the people, as well as further limited the rights of the king; written by the members of the English Parliament in 1689 (civics360.org).
Limited monarchy
__________ - a system of government in which the king or queen shares authority with an elected legislature and agrees to be bound by a constitution or a set of laws, also known as a constitutional monarchy (civics360.org).
__________ - a government that abuses its power (civics360.org).
George III (George the Third)
The King of Great Britain at the time of the American Revolution was King __________.
checks and balances
__________ - a principle of the federal government that allows each branch of government to limit the power of the other branches (civics360.org).