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"By adding a little noise to the system you produce coherence in the flow" noise refers to
Element that disrupts movement
Fluid based computer models cannot be 100% accurate in stimulating crowd flow because
People behave more unexpectedly then water particles
Weather is an important factor when creating evacuation software because
Putting on winter coats takes more time and slows people down
Complexity scientist call stairways relaxation pathways because
They relieve the pressure of people trying to escape
In Magic Island which group of words contains alliteration
In waves of wind
A collar of water and a blue immersion of horizons appeals to the senses of
What do the lines "under each tree a stillness /of small treasures refer to?
People enjoying the shade in different ways
The word that best summarizes the mood of the poem Magic Island is
It can be inferred that the immigrant husband working on the grill is feeling
Relaxed and happy
Which of the following explains the husbands mood
He has had a lucky change in circumstances
This moment in life when the sun is sifting... he can easily say that he loves his wife refers to
End rhyme and alliteration
The infant is compared to a "treasured sack of rice" this suggests that the family
Has experienced hunger and deprivation
Explain the lines "suspicious of so much sunshine they keep expecting rain"
They enjoy their new life but they know things will change
What is the setting of the opening shot in "from rivers to tides"
An ocean beach
The sculptures that are featured in the film are made of
Film clip focuses on
Two sculptures built in two different locations
The element of the soundtrack that best emphasizes the passage of time is
The repetitive gong that sounds like a clock striking the hour
The mood established by the soundtrack can be best described as
What happens to the sculpture on the beach
Completely covered by the incoming tide
Sculpture shown in the meadow becomes completely obscured by
The grass that grows around it overtime
Some thoughts about the shapes of his stone sculptures are
Shared by the artist in a voice over
The end of the video clip. Andy Goldsworthy
Talks about the philosophy that inspires his work
According to Goldsworthy the distraction of his sculptures by the elements
Completes it