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Paper money used during the Civil War in the North
A quarter-inch or half-inch thick hard cracker eaten by Civil War soldiers, also known as biscuits, crackers, or army bread
Cloth bag used by soldiers to carry rations and food
Foot soldiers marching and fighting together; The vast majority of Civil War soldiers were in it
A ship covered with iron plates and used in the Civil War, as in the famous Merrimac vs. Monitor, the first ever naval battle between ironclads in 1862; they revolutionized naval warfare
Main Attack
The big, concentrated attack against the enemy's weak or critical point
Minie Ball
The standard rifle bullet used in war. From France, it made the rifle more accurate and led to staggering casualties
One or more soldiers responsible for guard duty, always watchful for enemy approach
Military leadership in order of importance and decision making responsibilities, usually prioritized from the Commander in Chief (president), General of the Army, Lt. General, Major General, Brigadier General, Colonel, Major, Captain, Lieutenant, 1st Sergeant, Sergeant, Corporal, Private
Military term for food
Rebel (Confederate, Butternut, Grayback, Johnny Reb, Reb)
A slang term for a soldier fighting for the south
A soldier who has just signed up to be a soldier and is without battle experience