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World Civilization to 1500, Midcourse Exam


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What is homo erectus?
First truly upright hominid.
Where is homo erectus from?
When did homo erectus first appear?
About 1.8 million years ago.
What's the Neolithic Age?
Period of human technological development.
Where did the Neolithic Age occur?
Fertile Crescent, Europe, China, and South Asia.
When did the Neolithic Age start?
c. 10,200 BCE
When did the Neolithic Age end?
c. 4500-2000 BCE.
What is cuneiform?
Wedge-shaped writing system, pressed into clay tablets
Where was cuneiform used?
Mesopotamia, eventually spread.
When did cuneiform first appear?
c. 3200 BCE.
Who was Hammurabi?
King of Babylon.
What is Hammurabi's Code?
Ancient code of law.
Where was Hammurabi's Code in effect?
Where was Hammurabi from?
Hammurabi lived from _______ to _______ BCE.
c. 1810 BCE to 1750 BCE.
When was Hammurabi's Code written?
c. 1750 BCE.
What is a mastaba?
Rectangular, flat-roofed tomb.
When were mastabas used?
Early Dynastic and Old Kingdom Periods
Where were mastabas built?
Ancient Egypt.
What was Mohenjo-daro?
Settlement of the ancient Indus Valley civilization.
When was Mohenjo-daro founded?
26th century BCE.
Where is Mohenjo-daro located?
Modern day Sindh, Pakistan.
What dynasty used oracle bones?
Who was Cyrus the Great?
King of Persia, founder of the Persian Empire.
Cyrus the Great reigned over Persia from _______ to _______.
c. 559 BCE to c. 530 BCE.
What was the Mandate of Heaven?
Belief promoted by the Zhou that Heaven has the ability to grant or take away a ruler's right to rule.
When was the Mandate of Heaven established?
Following the overthrow of the Shang Dynasty.
From where did the Mandate of Heaven originate?
Who was Confucius?
Chinese teacher, editor, politician and philosopher.
In what period did Confucius live?
Spring and Autumn period.
Where is Confucius from?
What is legalism?
School of Chinese philosophy, in which it was believed that humans were inherently evil, and required strict laws to be kept in line.
When was legalism prominent?
Warring States period.
Where was legalism used?
What are the Upanishads?
Collection of ancient Sanskrit texts.
When were the Upanishads written?
Probably between c. 800 BCE and c. 500 BCE.
Where were the Upanishads written?
Who was Siddhartha Gautama?
Founder of Buddhism.
When did Siddhartha Gautama live?
Between the 6th and 4th centuries BCE.
Where did Siddhartha Gautama live?
What is a polis?
City-state of ancient Greece.
Where were poleis located?
Ancient Greece.
What is an oligarchy?
Rule by few.
Where did oligarchies come from?
The first known oligarchies were in ancient Greece.
What was the Agricultural Revolution?
Period of time when people gradually shifted from hunting and gathering to settled agriculture.
When did the Agricultural Revolution begin?
c. 10,000 BCE.
Who were the Hittites?
Ancient Anatolian people who established the Hittite Empire.
Where was the Hittite Empire located?
Modern day Turkey, Syria, and Lebanon.
The Hittite Empire lasted from _______ to _______.
c. 1600 BCE to c. 1178 BCE.
Who were the Olmecs?
Mesoamerican civilization.
Where were the Olmecs located?
Modern day Mexico and Guatemala.
The Olmec civilization lasted from _______ to _______.
c. 1500 BCE to c. 400 BCE.
What is Zoroastrianism?
One of the world's oldest monotheistic religions.
Where did Zoroastrianism originate?
When did Zoroastrianism first enter recorded history?
5th century BCE.