182 final pediatric dentistry

focuses on providing healthcare to infants, children, adolescents, individuals with special needs.
placed on reventiion, early detection, diagnosis, treatment
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can be physical or pharmacologic, to keep movemint at minimume. premedication can be prescribed to calm nad ease pt. can be holding patients handfrom reaching syringerestraintmild sedation like nitrous oxide or sedativeanxious patienthugsn wraps arms legs and middle section, for sedaded, or special needs pt.papoose boardmust provide consent frm parentpharmacologic or physical restraintbehavioral issues. may include behavior modifaction,postitive reinforcement, and desensizations;sdation,restraint, general anesautismsame as adult, except armenenteraim is smaller in size for pedo ptspediatric proceduresstimulate and preserve pulpal regeneration in primary teeth. deep caries post/trauma ant.pulp therapycomplet removal of coronal portion of pulp.pulpotomyused for primary teeth, medicament 50:50 formulation 19% formaldehde 35% cresol in aqueous glycerin solutonformocresol pulpotmyused on permanent teeth with open apices indiaction is fractured exposed pulpcalcium hydroxide pulpotomylocal anes,basic,dental dam,low-speed, round burs,spoon excavators,sterile cotton, zoe formocresol,final cementequipment for pulpotomy of primary teethlocal anes addentist uses roud bur in lowspeed to remove caries/expose pulp, chamber filled zoe then final rest.procedure for pulpstainless steel is usally on pedo pts. cuase: prepared with single appt., important since young children, hehaviro problems, pts with special needs, sufficiently durable last until primary, less expensiveprosthodontic procedure