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  1. confederation
  2. ignite
  3. geothermal energy
  4. seismic activity
  5. ore
  1. a energy produced from the heat of the earths interior. This kind of energy accounts for a large share of the power used for heat and electricity in Iceland
  2. b a loose political union. An example of this was starting in the late 1700's the state of Prussia in what is now eastern Germany led a movement to merge many German states.
  3. c rocky material containing a valuable mineral
  4. d Has many earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. An example of a place with lots of this is in the Apennine Mountains . It begins in the northwest and arcs all the way down to the Italian Peninsula
  5. e a soft, brown coal that is easy to mine but pollutes the air heavily

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  1. the opposite of industrial activities. This term refers to service industries such as finance, insurance and tourism
  2. variations of a language that are unique to a region or a community., a regional variety of a language, with differences in vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation; also a form of a language spoken by members of a particular social class or profession
  3. paying money for war damages
  4. doesnt stay fresh for long.
  5. a geologic phenomenon in which the ground in an area sinks. This happened in Venice

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  1. blightthis caused the Potato famine in Ireland in the 1840's. It is a plant disease that destroyed the potato crop year after year.


  2. cultural diffusionthe spread of cultural elements from one society to another and adopt the practices of their neighbors. Farming is an example of this spreading from Southwest Asia to Western Europe.


  3. inhabitabledeep and wide enough to allow large ships to pass. An example of this in Spain is the Guadalquivir River.


  4. huba single currency to be used by member nations


  5. Florence, Italya cultural center made famous by Michelangelo and other Italian painters during the Renaissance period.