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ionic bonding study questions 2

why an atom makes an ionic bond only with certain other atoms.
It's because some atoms would not share or give this atom any of its electrons or neutrons so it goes after an atom that would.
compare and contrast the possession of electrons in ionic and covalent bonds
a ionic bond forces the two atoms into a compound an covalent bond attracts two atoms into a compound.
Name the types of particles formed by covalent bonds.
The particles are positive negative s can form into a covalent bond.
from the following list of symbols choose two elements that are likely to form an ionic bond:O NE S CA K. next select two elements that would likely form a covalent bond.
Ne and calcium they would form because calcium and neon together would make a ionic compound .S and k would make a covalent compound because that sodium is full and potassium isn't so when together they will make a covalent bond.