Chapter 8

Study guide questions
ranged between 65 and 80 percent
Between 1860 and 1900, the percentage of eligible voters participating in presidential elections
In recent years, the gap between the VAP and VEP has
70 percent
What percentage of registered voters has typically participated in presidential elections since 1968?
both C and D
In most European countries, voter registration is
driver's licenses
In 1993, Congress attempted to facilitate voter registration by linking it to processes related to
both A and D
A 2008 study found get-out-the-vote drives have demonstrated statistically significant results when they involved
Andrew Jackson
Suffrage was extended to include virtually all white males by the administration of
Popularly elected House members
Which of the following was required by the U.S. Constitution?
after the Voting Rights Act of 1965
Blacks first voted in large numbers in the South
can be subject to federal voter registrars and poll watchers
By federal law, those areas in which less than 50 percent of the population has voted in presidential elections
The Australian ballot
Which of the following was not a device intended to prevent blacks from voting?
Until 1920, women were generally kept from voting by
women were given the right to vote
Between 1915 and 1925, the size of the eligible voting population in the United States almost doubled. The main reason for this was that
those aged eighteen to twenty
The Twenty-sixth Amendment extended suffrage to
did not flock to any particular party or candidate
When those below the age of 21 were first allowed to vote in presidential election, they
It has declined since the latter part of the nineteenth century
Which of the following statements about U.S. voter participation in presidential elections is correct?
both parties became more liberal
Those who see the decline of voter turnout as a function of party organization change believe all of the following except that
political parties
During the nineteenth century, voting ballots were printed by
It eliminated vote fraud
Which of the following statements regarding the Australian ballot is incorrect?
strict-voter-registration procedures
The steady decline in U.S. voter turnout appears to be the unintentional result of
stopped short of creating a uniform national voting system
Efforts to reform voting in the aftermath of the Florida vote-count controversy of 2000 might find particular fault with Congress because it
all of the above
In the aftermath of the 2002 reforms, ____ are to be used by voters in presidential elections.
the popular vote for president was not close
The text suggests that calls for reform in voting were somewhat muted in the aftermath of the 2004 national elections because
Democratic candidates
It has long been argued that universal voter turnout would strongly benefit
Verba and Nie found that about ____ of the population was never active in politics in any way.
Communalists from campaigners
The willingness to engage in partisan competition separates which two of the participation groups described by Verba and Nie?
taste of conflict
Two of the participation groups that Verba and Nie describe, campaigners and communalists, differ primarily in their
Parochial participants
Which of the following participation groups avoids both elections and community groups in its political activity?
all of the above
Rates of political participation tend to be higher among those who
Which of the following are more likely to join voluntary associations?