Urinalysis- Part 2 & 3


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red urine could indicate?
food dye
green urine could indicate?
biliverdin( biliary obstruction, pseudomonas infection, bad protein digestion)
blue urine could indicate?
diuretic therapy, pseudomonas infection, bad protein digestion
brown urine could indicate?
bile pigments or blood
(biliary obstruction, occult blood, homogentistic acid)
black urine could indicate?
homogentistic acid or urobilin
(ochronosis, hemolysis, bacteria)
what is the normal ph of urine?
what is the renal threshold of glucose?
>180 mg %
what would increase glucose in urine indicate?
1. DM
2. Shock
3. Head injury
4. pancreatic dz
5. renal tubular dz
what would increase ketones in urine indicate?
1. starvation
2. DM
3. wt loss diets
4. inadequate carbs
what would increased protein in urine indicate?
1. kidney disorders
2. toxemia of pregnancy
3. DM
4. MM
what would increase urobilinogen in urine indicate?
1. hemolytic disease
2. Hepatic disease
what would decrease urobilinogen in urine indicate?
biliary obstruction
what would increase blood in urine indicate?
tumors, trauma, kidney infection, kidney stones, hypertension, bleeding disorders
hyaline cast
epithelial cast
tubular damage
RBC cast
WBC cast
Waxy cast
renal failure, nephrosis