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  1. an amount set aside by a bank for preferred customers that is available on demand. For example, a bank can issue a customer a $15,000 line of credit that can be used at any time for any purpose
  2. a record of how much money a customer has put in or taken out of a bank
  3. the money put into the bank
  4. goods and services are indirectly exchanged for money, which then can be exchanged for other goods and services
  5. a deed to give the lender the property if the loan is not paid back

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  1. safety-deposit boxthe money put into the bank


  2. Interesta rate the bank pays you for keeping your money there


  3. Moneythe money put into the bank


  4. Financial Institutionorganization for managing money, in our economy


  5. Commercial Loana loan made to businesses to buy supplies and equipment