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Which lymphatic structure drains lymph from the right upper limb and the right side of the head

A) cisterna chyli
B) right lymphatic duct Answer (B) Right lymphatic duct
C) lumbar trunk
D) thoracic duct

When the lymphatic structures of a limb are blocked due to tumors, the result is _____

A) shrinkage of tissues distal in the limb to the blockage due to inadequate delivery of lymph
B) severe localized edema distal to the blockage of that limb
C) abnormally high lymph drainage from the distal region
D) increased pressure in the lymphatics proximal in the limb to the blockage
Answer (B) Severe localized edema distal to the blockage of that limb

Lymph capillaries are absent in all except which of the following?

A) bones and teeth
C) bone marrow
D) digestive organs Answer ( D) Digestive organs

Large clusters of lymph nodes occur in all of the following locations except the

A) inguinal region
B) cervical region
C) lower extremities Answer (C) lower extremities
D) axillary region

The thymus is most active during

A) childhood Answer (A)
B) old age
C) fetal development
D) middle age

Lymphoid tissue that appears as a swelling of the mucosa in the oral cavity is called a(n)

A) Peyer's patch
B) thymus
C) appendix
D) tonsil Answer (D) Tonsil

The tonsils located at the base of the tongue are the

A) pharyngeal tonsils
B) palatine tonsils
C) Peyer's tonsils
D) lingual tonsils Answer (D) Lingual tonsils

Protein containing fluid within lymphatic vessels

Answer( Lymph)

Stores blood platelets

Answer (Spleen)

Receives lymph from most of the body

Answer( Thoracic duct)

Largest lymphatic organ

Answer (Spleen)

Isolated clusters of lymph follicles found in the wall of the small intestine

Answer ( Peyer's Patches)

Lymphatic collecting vessels are most closely associated with

A) capillary beds Answer (A) Capillary beds
B) the heart
C) bone marrow
D) arterioles

Lymphedema may be treated by all EXCEPT which of the following

A) manual compression of the affected area
B) movements of the affected area
C) treatments that promote growth of lymphatic vessels
D) bed rest to allow enhanced blood flow and therefore healing of the affected area

Answer (D) Bed rest to allow enhanced blood flow and therefore healing of the affected area

What is the role of the mini-valves in lymph capillaries?

A) increase permeability Answer (A) Increase permeability
B) connect to blood capillaries
C) speed transport
D) reduce pressure in the lymphatic capillary

Lymph from the right leg ultimately is delivered to which duct in the thoracic region

A) thoracic duct Answer (A) Thoracic duct
B) right lymphatic duct
C) jugular trunk
D) subclavian trunk

Lymph transport involves all but which of the following?

A) thorax pressure changes during breathing
B) lymph capillary minivalve action
C) milking action of active muscle fibers
D) smooth muscle contraction in the lymph capillary walls

Answer (D) smooth muscle contraction in the lymph capillary walls

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