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4 ACTS 6th graders!!!!

Rain forest

farmable soil, warm/wet climate, bananas/yams/rice,weavers used bard and plant fibers, isolated


food, salt, leather, people, gold, ivory

trade routes

Axum, Arabian Peninsula, East African Coast


settled arguments, manages trade, protects the empire, expects complete obedience


one supreme being, Christianity and Muslim

Ancestor's role

to communicate with a supreme ruler

Ibn Battuta

accepted Muslim religion for trade, lawyer, liked Mansa Musa's work, traveled Islam lands

Mansa Musa

allowed different religions, wanted Islam stronger, used wealth to build worship places, set-up libraries and collected books

Askia Muhammand

Songhai, Mulim, (old name) Muhammand Ture

Islam in East Africa

spoke Swahili, influenced language and culture

Islam impact

advanced learning, influenced and and buildings


wanderers (groups) foundation of African civilization


ancestor's reborn in kids, matrilineal, valued kids, extended families


carried out by the family/ villagers, oral histories (griots), proverbs, history and life skills


controlled by men, soldiers, rulers


cave paintings(religion),masks, statues, bronze, wood carvings, colorful cloth

music and dance

drums, expressed religious feelings


traditions, repeated, animals, fables- when small ones outsmart large ones

slavery and slave trade

raided, traded people,slave trade, freed with payment or marriage, excluded Muslims, split up families, farmed land


4, rainforest-10%, Desert- largest Sahara, Mediterranean, Savanahs-raise herds of animals


largest river


3times with extra room


largest desert

Congo river

2,700 miles long

Great rift valley

plateaus drop when earths crust cracks

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