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For every 8th grader who is taking the chp. 5 religion test LRHS

What are the 7 things that Jesus came to free people from that oppressed them.

sickness, injustice, hurts, disappointments, lack of self respect, bad relationships, and hopelessness.

Catholics think of Freedom for something like...

service, compassion, justice, and love

We are most free when..

We do good for others, keep our promises, fulfill our obligations, and when we are kind.

We believe that freedom exits for the sake of...

Faithfulness. truthfulness, and love

We put freedom to work by forming and following...

Our Conscience


the most basic awareness that somethings are right and some things are wrong and we need to know the difference and act accordingly.

Conscience is our "most secret core" when we are...

"alone with God whose voices echoes."

The things that affect the development of one's conscience

Family background and upbringing, the choices and decisions we have made in the past, our temperaments and personalities, friendships, and influence of peers.

To violate our conscience...

to deaden our conscience

An example of violation of our conscience.

If a person constantly lies, they will soon not know whether lying is good or bad.

2 values the church is calling our attention to

The dignity of one's conscience and the formation of your conscience

Our Conscience is

our moral dignity, our character, and it represents our honor and integrity as persons created by god.

First,________ is our foremost moral teacher.


Second, after Jesus we listen to...

the teaching authority of the Church, formally known as the magisterium from the latin meaning teacher.

Third, we listen to

our parents, teachers, family members, our pastors, and others whose goodness and wisdom we can trust.

Fourth, we should

Pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit


a very important part of educating our conscience in order to make responsible decisions

When we pray we invite God to be a ______ in our decisions.


God is...

always acting with us

The first commandment

I am the lord your god: you shall not have strange gods before me

Study the Facts, look at the potential act, intention, and circumstances

D-Determine the problem

use imagination to discover alternative course of action. Ex: cheating is not the only way-study plan, ask for extra help, study group, tudor

E- explore alternatives

Think of the effects of the proposed action Ex: spreading gossip- loose friendship, feelings hurt, lost of trust

C- consider consequences

Think about your friendship with christ as the foundation of moral life. WWJD?

I-identify values

After you... Study the issue, consult with others you trust, look to JEsus as you model, Then... you must decide

D-Decide to do right

Look at the decision to see if it is right or wrong


In order for a morally good act, these things need to be good

the act, intention, and circumstances

what we do Ex: tutoring classmates, donating money


the motive or purpose that we choose to do the act why we act a certain way, Ex: tutoring a classmate to help her succeed


A good intention can never turn a bad act into a..

just one

A bad intention can turn a good act into a

bad one

includes the context within which the act is done, the who, when, where, and how of the act


Circumstances cannot change a morally bad act into a

good one

anyone or anything that one thinks is more important than god



placing someone or something else ahead of God in our lives

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