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figurative language

language that means more than what it says on the surface it usually describes something by comparing it with something else

literal language

language that means exactly what is said


language that appeals to the senses. Descriptions of people or objects stated in terms of our senses


figure of speech which involves a direct comparison between two unlike things, usually with the words like or as


figure of speech which involves an implied comparison between two relatively unlike things using a form of be. The comparison is not announced by like or as


repeated consonant sounds occurring at the beginning of words or within words


figure of speech which gives the qualities of a person to an animal, an object, or an idea


the use of words that mimic sounds


an exaggerated statement used to heighten effect. it is not used to mislead the reader, but to emphasize a point


expression in one language that cannot be matched or directly translated word-for-word in another language

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