Chapter 10 Social Studies Southwest Region


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Which river wore away rock and helped carve out the Grand Canyon?
Colorado River.
Why are the formations in the Grand Canyon always changing?
Erosion takes place all the time.
Name 3 causes of the canyon's continued erosion.
a. gravel and sand
b. water from the river
c. wind
(ESSAY) Describe how erosion formed the Grand Canyon.
1) The Colorado River carried sand, gravel, and boulders that help cut the canyon.
2) Rainwater continues to dissolve certain kinds of rocks causing it to wear away.
3) Also, sand is picked up by the wind and blown against the surface of the rock.
Some of the early miners in the Grand Canyon decided to stop mining because they could make more money from tourism. In what ways do you think the miners could earn money from tourists?
a. charge admission to see the canyon
b. charter tours to the bottom of the canyon
c. lead sight seeing tours
d. sell souvenirs
Describe the climate of the Southwest.
1) Much of the Southwest is desert.
2) Some parts have an arid climate but are not deserts.
Write 2 details to support the following main idea: The Southwest is a region of varied climates.
a. Climates in Texas vary greatly some parts are hot and humid while other parts are hot and dry.
b. Oklahoma sometimes has a humid and windy climate.
c. It can experience thunder storms, blizzards, or tornadoes.
What is a desert?
an area that gets less than 10 inches of rain each year
Describe 3 ways the saguaro has adapted to little rainfall?
a. spreads its long shallow roots to drink the rainwater
b. ribbed trunk and branches expand to store water
c. can store enough water to live through long dry periods
How does the saguaro help desert wildlife?
Provide shelter for many animals.
What does it mean when a resource is nonrenewable?
it cannot be replaced by nature
What nonrenewable resource is found in the Southwest?
Why should people conserve oil?
Oil is a nonrenewable resource.
What would happen if the world ran out of oil?
We would not have the many important products that came from oil.
Name 6 technology industries.
a. aircraft
b. missile manufacturing
c. computer
d. radio
e. calculator production
f. space industry
Which Southwest state has laboratories that develop military resources and study nuclear energy?
New Mexico
What is the Very Large Array?
one of the world's largest radio observations